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Use of Links in Comments

Posted: 05 Jun 2011, 11:56
by Old-Timer
It is fine to use links in comments here, but there are some simple rules to remember:

1) ANY comment that includes a link to a site that is anti-Mormon in nature will be deleted. We define "anti-Mormon" here pretty narrowly as those sites that actively attack the LDS Church and have, as a core purpose, the intent to influence members to leave. Links to any other religious site are fine - unless the link itself is to an article that fits the definition I just gave. In that case, the link will be deleted, but the comment probably will not be.

2) Unless the links are to internally archived posts here at, comments with numerous links will be moved to moderation so the admins can see if they are OK to post here. We all are volunteers, so that might take some time. Please understand that.

3) Please avoid posting a link without an explanation about its content. We trust the regular participants here, but we have to follow a general rule that requires a description of what the link contains - of why it is being provided. Too many spammers provide nothing but links, and we have to have a way to verify that links provided are not spam from hackers. We have few if any issues with that right now, but we need to have the rule in place, just in case.

Just to be clear, we delete VERY few things here - and we let the person know why something was deleted when we do so. I can't remember the last time we deleted a comment entirely, but it has happened very rarely.