Pinpointing the start of faith issues

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Re: Pinpointing the start of faith issues

Post by Donna » 23 Mar 2015, 14:46

I think my FC starting after moving to Utah it started slowly .
It was a real eye opener to see how different things are here with the church.
It would have been to our advantage to have a few relatives in our ward.Sadly we don't have any relatives here in Utah.
I think the lack of a calling has helped my FC to move forward.I have had lot of time to study and ponder.
I have met a lot of very nice non members. Who are very Christ like, loving and accept people just the way they are.
I have a hard time understanding how people in a ward can justify some the things they do to fellow ward members.
It is hard to watch a worthy young man be too ill to go on a mission. It is sad to see how some leaders would not accept the young man's illness and try to force him to go any way.
I think being worthy of a calling and not being given one has not helped my FC.
I am not sure how I am going to move forward out of this FC.

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Re: Pinpointing the start of faith issues

Post by SMiLe » 25 Mar 2015, 09:41

I've been dealing with my FC for so long know that it is hard to pinpoint what exactly kicked it all off. My inner turmoil still seems to jumble many things together. It may have been finding out that Joseph Smith was a treasure hunter, using his stones to search for lost treasure and other things. This smacked of scrying or witchcraft to me and I had grown up believing that the Bible prohibited such things. And if the Bible prohibited those things, why would God use him to restore the Gospel? That may sound silly or too simplistic, but it is one of the things that kicked it off.

The other thing was finding out the things that Brigham Young taught that are no longer taught today and wondering why I should believe in a prophet's declarations when at any point in the future the current leaders can simply declare that previous teachings were just someone's opinion? Not that I agree with those doctrines that BY taught (I wouldn't have joined the church if those things had still been taught when I was an investigator) but just the idea that what one generation believed to be the word of god can be changed by subsequent generations, that rubbed me wrong. I know, I know, continuing revelation...

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