What expressions of testimony are you comfortable voicing?

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Re: What expressions of testimony are you comfortable voicing?

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I'm comfortable sharing the many aspects of my testimony of Jesus Christ, the impact of the Holy Ghost in my life, and in any way it manifests itself, my acknowledging God for his goodness, greatness, and mercy...and in giving HIM the glory.
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Re: What expressions of testimony are you comfortable voicing?

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Wow, it was really great to read everyone's affirmations of God, love and goodness. I have recently stopped attending church, but I still frequent this site because it helps me feel spiritually connected to the church I loved so much; maybe someday I'll really reach stage 5 and decide I can go back, but for now, I'm doing my own thing.
Anyway, I realized that while right now I can't actually testify of much. I no longer believe in Christ as Savior like I used to (though I wholeheartedly believe in the goodness of his teachings as my own moral code), nor of any specific church doctrines I used to testify of, particularly as a missionary. But what this topic made me realize is that for years, even when I was on a mission and was expected to bear my testimony every month in sacrament meeting, the bulk of my testimony was ALWAYS, "I know that God lives and loves each and every one of us." It wasn't that I didn't believe the other stuff at the time (and I would make references to the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, etc), it was just that God's love is the only thing that was so very important to me. For that matter, my prayer to God to ask him to help me and tell me he loved me (back when I was about 15 and going through a hard time) was one of the only times I've ever received what I still consider an answer to prayer. Now I've changed what I feel about religion, Christ, and the LDS church, but I found that despite everything I feel I don't believe anymore, I still can say "I believe that God exists and loves each one of us individually."
A lot of you mentioned that you don't feel comfortable enough to bear your testimony in church. It sure can be a touchy subject--I have a friend who recently decided to leave the church. A month or so before she did, she decided to bear her testimony in Relief Society, but could only muster up saying that she believed in God and believed there was goodness, and she was hopeful she'd be able to work out the rest, or something along those lines. She meant it to be an uplifting experience for her, but instead, someone told the Bishop who called in her and her husband to talk about her "issues." :( That misguided reaction to her testimony did nothing to help her (no blame here, it's just unfortunate). On the plus side, she did have one sister tell her she was very grateful for my friend's testimony because that's how she feels about the church, too!
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Re: What expressions of testimony are you comfortable voicing?

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Another old one. I don't know how everyone else feels about F&T Sunday but I have a tendency to cringe in anticipation.
I like Brian Johnston's comments here.
Brian Johnston wrote: 02 Nov 2009, 08:05 I've gotten up and born a testimony a few times over the past year. I almost never use the words "I know" unless I also include at least a brief set of comments to clarify how I came to that conclusion. Funny enough, I had this view for most of my adult life. My first mission president (who was a crazy person) actually gave great advice and training on this subject. He taught us NOT to use a lot of "fluff" when bearing our testimonies as missionaries. He said it diluted the power of our words.

"I know from the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my soul and with all the fiber of my being that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world."


"I testify that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world."

Anyway ... I digress.

When I bear my testimony, I talk about God and Christ and knowing them through my personal experiences or by the power of the Spirit. I talk about how the Gospel is effective and has made me a better and more holy person, which I believe. I prefer to stick to making factual statements like I am actually "testifying" of something and explaining how and why religion affected my life. I rarely if ever use the word "true." I just don't need to, and it is such a vague word anyways.

I don't get up to give an update to the world on all the problems I experienced in the past month since I last updated everyone :twisted:
If someone does talk about the problems they are facing, I want to know: how did they get through to the other side?

It is rare that I bare my testimony. Maybe at the end of a sacrament talk. Asked to give a talk is rare too.
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Re: What expressions of testimony are you comfortable voicing?

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I'm not comfortable voicing any kind of testimony during fast and testimony meeting, in fact I've purposely skipped F&T meetings the last several years (I do attend church, just not F&T Sundays or 2nd hour).

I can't remember the last time I bore testimony in a F&T meeting. Probably somewhere between 15-20 years ago.

The last time I was assigned a talk I had a work conflict on the Sunday I was supposed to give the talk and then I was sick on the Sunday when the talk was rescheduled. I explained that I wasn't dodging, that I was free to give a talk on short notice whenever they needed because I already had the talk prepared. I never got to give that talk. No one has tried assigning me a talk ever since. That was probably five years ago.
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