LDS Daily - 3 Valid Reasons to Decline a Latter-day Saint Calling

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LDS Daily - 3 Valid Reasons to Decline a Latter-day Saint Calling

Post by Roy »

I was prepared to hate this article from the title alone. "Valid????" Doesn't that imply that all other reasons are invalid.

I am glad that I took the time to read through it without casting judgement.

I sometimes forget that there are still lots of old-school hardliners that preach and believe that there is no "valid" reason to turn down a calling.

I particularly liked the following passage:

"We may have over-glorified the calling process. When a Church leader extends a calling, we often feel that he has received a vision from the Lord that we should serve as the nursery leader. This isn’t to dismiss the revelation our leaders receive. They do receive inspiration and revelation about how to shepherd the ward. It’s just to say that not every calling is completely inspired and we have the right to receive our own personal revelation and confirmation about a calling.

When a calling is extended to you, ask for a few days to ponder and pray about it. If the Spirit leads you to decline the calling, trust that feeling and talk with your leaders about it."

Wow! Not every calling is completely inspired??? That alone is a huge shift in thought.

Edit: I had neglected to provide the link ... t-calling/
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Re: LDS Daily - 3 Valid Reasons to Decline a Latter-day Saint Calling

Post by Old-Timer »

I have heard the same complaint about how it limits the reasons to only three - but it doesn’t do that. “Three reasons” does not mean, “Only three reasons exist.”

I like the article, especially the part Roy highlighted.
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