Anyone Here Still Follow John Dehlin Or Bill Reel

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Re: Anyone Here Still Follow John Dehlin Or Bill Reel

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DarkJedi wrote: 09 May 2023, 07:39
Melvin Jones wrote: 09 May 2023, 05:00
DarkJedi wrote: 08 May 2023, 14:17 Well said, Roy. I should have pointed out that John and the foundation have not been involved here in a long time.

As to the link and Ann Pfeffer, I'm in no position to judge or determine what happened there as far as any harassment or abuse. That would seem to be something for a court to decide. I will say that from what I read on her link I do not see evidence that John intended to take down the church from the beginning. Again, his podcast is much more antagonistic than his earlier endeavors, and perhaps the podcast has a goal to take down the church (I admit I got bored and didn't read every word of the linked site to see that evidence). My own direct interaction with John was before the podcast (and before his excommunication) and was limited but overall positive and encouraging. What I got from the linked site was from the perspective of a disgruntled former employee. I will say that I agree with John's detractors in that it does appear he is in the podcast mostly to for his own financial gain. We do live in a capitalist society and that's to be expected I suppose.
Ok that's fine. There are issues beyond legality, however. Kate Kelly and Kristy Money have accused him of sexist compensation practices, as well as attempt to silence his female accusers by calling them crazy.
I'm not defending John or saying he's a good guy. He is who he is, and if people have a problem with his business practices (or him personally) there's really nothing I can do. The original question of this thread was whether people here follow John Dehlin or Bill Reel. I answered I that I do not. Judging by other responses there don't seem to be many followers of either here.

Putting on my moderator hat: This is not the place to bash others or address others on other forums or sites. Such is expressly forbidden in the forum rules (viewtopic.php?t=852):
This is not a forum to address posts or comments directly to people outside this forum. This is a place to discuss our feelings and beliefs in a supportive and uplifting manner, even when our comments and discussions are passionate and diverse and deeply heartfelt. It is FINE to explore concerns and disagreements with anything, but it is NOT fine to post messages addressed to anyone outside this forum. That simply is not our mission, and it can't appear to be our mission.
As previously stated, John Dehlin does not participate here and has not for many years. If you have a problem with John take it up with him and address it through legal channels. Further statements about John's character and/or business practices will result in this thread being locked.
Does that include self-professed public figures?
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Re: Anyone Here Still Follow John Dehlin Or Bill Reel

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Melvin Jones wrote: 09 May 2023, 17:39 Does that include self-professed public figures?
Probably so, especially if you have to ask. Perhaps you might review the rules at the top of the forum. Our purpose is to help those who would like to maintain a relationship with the church (StayLDS) find a way to do so. Anything other than that type of support is generally off limits. It's no secret we heavily moderate to keep our focus on the mission of the site.

That said, this thread seems to have run its course and is now locked.
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