Priesthood Advancement

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Re: Priesthood Advancement

Post by AmyJ »

I'm also glad that the experiences were meaningful and relationship-building for your family.

This has been something that you have been attentive to for a very long time - I rejoice that it is paying off for you:)
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Re: Priesthood Advancement

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Thanks for the update, Roy.

I am happy for all involved.
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Re: Priesthood Advancement

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I think this was good strategy. It's much better to have them come to you and ask you to do it, either by implication or overtly, and then just do it. No muss, no fuss, no opening up the discussion for a "no" or "time to motivate Roy" moment.

Suprised the Bishop verified that you would sit in on your daughter's interview. What if your daughter had said "no", she didn't want you there, then what? Awkward position for the bishop, and you.

Nonetheless, glad you have the ordination on the books.
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