Is StayLDS at its end of life?

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Arrakeen » 28 Oct 2020, 19:51

I think there are a lot more people who could benefit from support here. There’s a lot of online groups for orthodox members and exmormons, but not a lot of places like StayLDS. The forum is kind of obscure though. I don’t remember how I found it in the first place. It seems like the “” website it’s attached to hasn’t had anything new since 2012. I wonder if moving to a new platform, either on social media or a standalone website, would be helpful. The forum doesn’t seem to be very well known, but on the other hand it’s nice having a little corner here without all the craziness of the rest of the internet.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by SamBee » 29 Oct 2020, 02:35

I don't like the idea of social media because if it goes on Facebook (which I can't stand anyway), most of us would have to use our real names.
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by DarkJedi » 29 Oct 2020, 05:06

I have been reading the thread every day (multiple times) and appreciate the comments. Like many of you this place was a life preserver. I still love it here and I don't plan to go anywhere.

The point about COVID is well taken and I believe similarly. One of the things I have most enjoyed about home church is the lack of aggravation and annoyance that accompanies the normal block. Even as we have started back on a limited basis (we're currently at every other week) I have sensed more annoyance. This seeming lull of participation is likely just cyclical enhanced by COVID in my opinion. I purposely sometimes don't comment for several reasons including not having anything to say on some subjects, not wanting to appear overbearing or dominating, and wanting to learn from others (I have found I learn more with my mouth shut than open).

And to the lurkers - we know you're there and you're most welcome. we don't want to lose you either. I often lurk myself, I check the site several times per day, depending on the day, but I don't sign in every time.
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by hawkgrrrl » 29 Oct 2020, 12:03

I've found that I forget to check in here more than about once a week anymore. I am a little more active in the online groups, although even there, I am less involved than I used to be. Mostly, I just feel like I like the people in these groups, but without Church going on, there's not much to discuss about Church. (It's not entirely true that Church isn't going on, but we haven't been to the new ward, and we just moved, and I really don't feel like going). I can't say I haven't missed Church, because on some level I miss it, but I don't miss the content of it, just the break and seeing people, and I 100% don't miss getting up to an alarm on Sunday, dressing up and going to hear the same exact pablum over and over.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by On Own Now » 29 Oct 2020, 13:09

I agree that Covid has brought less Church involvement and therefore less to push against. I think it is also true that the Church, in general, is behaving much better than it did a decade ago, which was better than the decade before, etc.

To put it in philosophical terms, I point you toward Friedrich Nietzsche. He talked of "spiritualization" of natural human traits...
[For us, one] triumph is our spiritualization of enmity. It consists in a deep grasp of the value of having enemies: in short, it is a way of acting and drawing conclusions that is the reverse of what people used to do.

In every age, the Church wanted its enemies to be destroyed; we, we immoralists and anti-Christians, see our own advantage in the Church’s continued existence . . .

In the political sphere, too, enmity has now become more spiritual—much more clever, much more reflective, much more considerate. Almost every party grasps that its own interest, its own self-preservation, depends on the opposing party’s not losing its strength; the same applies to politics on the grand scale. Above all, a new creation, such as the new Reich [recently-unified German Realm of the 19th century], needs enemies more than it needs friends; only in opposition does it feel that it is necessary; only in opposition does it become necessary. --Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, 1889.
But there is another driving factor, as well, at least for some who have come and gone here. When I first came here, a frequent author was wayfarer. He was obviously exploring and finding a new 'way'. I learned a lot from him. Eventually, he moved on from here. His last post was over three years ago, but really, he hasn't been active here for closer to five years. I feel like in my own case, StayLDS has also reached a completion. Through this site, and my own exploring, I came to shift my spiritualized enmity away from the Church and onto something I'd call more like my own internal struggle... a frustrating search for an elusive peace. As I have found my footing and gained that peace, my former enemy has receded and become less powerful. I no longer have much to push against. I have StayLDS (including wayfarer and many others, some of whom are still active here) to thank for it, but the lack of opposition has simultaneously made this site become less necessary for me. I have found my own 'way'. Of course, I have stuck around far beyond the need in order to encourage others, etc, but now I stop by infrequently, in large part because I have long-ago moved toward something very different, so I don't feel as connected to the struggle here. Believe me, I have plenty of current other struggles, but I don't feel that my spiritualized enmity toward the Church is one of them any more.
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by NoahVail » 29 Oct 2020, 21:25

I'd keep the forum going a while longer. For what it is, it's curious that it isn't garnering a larger following. There's certainly plenty of need.

I recently started posting but then stopped as our household escalated from busy to busy+crisis. Otherwise I probably would be posting semi regularly.

Is covid responsible for the site slowdown? I think so. I know I'm less stressed when I'm less involved in my ward. (clarify: my issues have always been with my ward, not the Church). Less stress means less need to vent.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by LookingHard » 30 Oct 2020, 05:37

I do hope the site continues as I think it has a niche. Like SamBee has said, the anonymous nature of this forum allows those just dipping a toe into the less than fully TBM world is important.

My participation has dropped way off for 2 reasons. One that had started before Covid was with my relation with the church. I emotionally am kind of done with it. I do attend, but that is because I want to support my wife and don't want her to have to go to sacrament meeting alone. So I was kind of at a place where I am not really trying to "StayLDS". So many of the topics are of less interest to me now. It reminds me of that saying, "The opposite of love isn't hate, it is indifference." I went through my anger (hate) stage and once I got that out of my system, I just done care as much engaging in the subject. The second issue is related to Covid. I have been working from home for 234 days (started a timer on my phone!). For a few weeks it was nice in that I had lots of time to get stuff done around the house. But very shortly after, work ramped up and has been very busy. I probably look at this site once a month and when I do I see a whole page of topics and I think, "I don't have the time to look through all of those", so I just "mark all as read" and move on.

For several years I have contributed $ to keep the site up and I am probably willing to do that again for those that come after me. But I don't expect to be posting much in the future. But I would like to thank those on this site that have helped me on my journey. I do appreciate it.

Minyan Man
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Minyan Man » 30 Oct 2020, 07:50

I believe what we are seeing on this site is the same thing that is occurring throughout the church as a result of the pandemic.
For example, I like family history & temple work. I can generate reports that show the activity of our ward members doing Indexing &
Reviewing of records. Activity has reduced dramatically since the onset of Covid. And, getting worse. We see fewer batches of records
being submitted for members to index as well. With temples being closed & slowly opening for live ordinances only there really is no
demand for the records to be submitted for ordinances for the dead.

There are fewer members participating in Sacrament meetings, etc whether in person or virtual. I'm sure there are fewer members
contributing financially as well. There are probably fewer Missionaries going into the field. Fewer Service projects, etc. It doesn't mean
there isn't a need that needs to be filled.

If a program is perceived to be at the "end of life" and turned off, it will be difficult to turn back on when the pandemic goes away.
There are still needs that need to be filled. This site has helped me a lot too. Don't be afraid of the ebb & flow of activity. FWIW.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Gerald » 31 Oct 2020, 05:57

I hope not. This is the only board that I participate in. I don't post much but I do read. Now, I have to admit that I haven't read much in the past month. I've been recovering from my own bout with COVID that started mild and then turned into pneumonia. Luckily, I didn't have to be hospitalized but I've definitely been down and out for the last four weeks (basically October 2020 is a blur). But I'll keep checking and posting as long as the board is here. So thanks to the moderators and contributors! I'd be sad to see the Board "deactivated."
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Minyan Man » 31 Oct 2020, 06:18

Gerald, I'm sorry to hear about your bout with Covid. I'm glad you're doing better.

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