Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting

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Re: Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting

Post by nibbler » 27 Aug 2019, 14:16

Minyan Man wrote:
26 Aug 2019, 12:59
Does a Bishop or Counselor ever get up and say: "this is not the position of the Church" (or something more diplomatic?)
Now I have a mental image of Elder Oaks' bishop tapping him on the shoulder mid-talk during general conference. :angel:
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Re: Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting

Post by hawkgrrrl » 27 Aug 2019, 15:59

One of our favorites that we still laugh about was a high council speaker who brought a "downtrodden" guy in as a prop. He wanted to illustrate just how bad your life can get without the gospel. He had this guy tell some "facts" about his life, and the guy just drawled through this list of prior mistakes: "I been with whores. I done drugs. I had my best friend die in my arms." It was the best of talks, it was the worst of talks.

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Re: Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting

Post by Kipper » 28 Aug 2019, 10:30

Thank you for sharing that experience Curt, it helps me realize I need to try harder to "grin and bear it". Especially considering the speaker volume in the foyer, there's no escape except for leaving the building for a cool down lap. 😎 Before our current bishopric was put in place, going on five years now, our soon to be first counsellor gave a talk on tithing and I was doing my best to hide my facial expressions exposing my thoughts until he exclaimed that once you become a full tithe payer everything will be fine. I couldn't take any more and got up, probably too abruptly, and exited. Nothing was ever said to me by DW or anybody else but I'm sure I used up some of my social capitol there. (I've just about used it all up since then).

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Re: Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting

Post by PazamaManX » 28 Aug 2019, 17:31

Curt Sunshine wrote:
25 Aug 2019, 10:35
I leaned forward, closed my eyes, forced a neutral expression, practiced dep breathing
I may have to do some of this myself. Whenever I get up to give myself some mental relief by walking the halls, there always seem to be the same brother in our ward (who I actively try to avoid) out in the halls/foyer at the same. Finding some sense of sanity while staying in the chapel would save me from being "invited" to come back to sacrament meeting or to the second hour class coming up. :roll:
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Re: Extremely Rough Sacrament Meeting

Post by Heavy_Laden » 06 Sep 2019, 11:17

I know this is an old thread but I wanted to contribute my experience..

It is comforting that sometimes others experience unfortunate remarks and testimonies during sacrament meetings. I have made it a policy to not attend a Fast and Testimony meeting unless I can't help it for this very reason. Some members say insensitive things, sometimes things they don't mean because they are nervous. I appreciate testimonies, but standing up in front of 150 people with unprepared remarks is a recipe for disaster.

I quit attending any LDS church services for a year and a half because of someone's talk. A lady was talking about marriage and was especially hammering that marriage through God's eyes was between a man and a woman. Her tone was not of love and compassion but more of a Str8 Edge TBM type. I noticed multiple people leave during her talk, including a young woman who left crying. I noticed her later after the 2nd hour sitting by herself. As a middle aged man, I didn't feel comfortable talking to her, all I could do is pray for her in the car.

I returned to that Ward just last month and will go again this Sunday. If this happens again, I will not let someone like that keep me away. The speaker may have forgotten about her talk after it was done, but her words stayed with me all this time. Knowing that this is "common" helps. Thanks for sharing!
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