To those of you who Lurk but don't post

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Re: To those of you who Lurk but don't post

Post by afterall » 16 Apr 2018, 18:44

It's been over a year since I last posted. I had to go through all my passwords and finally found my login info written in a certain place. I have too many pots on the stove. Our family is still recovering from the sudden loss of one of our children. We are still healing and will probably still be wounded until we go through the veil. With all that said, I visit this site very regularly. I have many thoughts, but someone usually hits on what I am thinking in their replies. My belief in the afterlife, in Christ, in the sealing ordinances of eternal families helped me to endure situations before the loss of our child and definitely helped me to cope and carry on afterwards. I was not always a member. I grew up in a very stressed home environment with very not perfect parents who failed often. Their children loved them and forgave them anyway. I am the only one of my siblings who has had a happy marriage with happy children. I give the gospel of Christ and the church much credit for that. I am grateful for the Church, with all its imperfections as I view it as a vehicle to travel in to get back to my family (including my Heavenly Parents and older brother and Savior, Jesus Christ) on the other side of the veil.I had spiritual moments before the Church. I felt guided into it. At one point, I wanted to throw in the towel due to frustration with the imperfections of men and a few women. Yes......served in leadership. I am so very glad I did not throw in the towel. I try to help others when I become aware they are at that point. I am a safe person to talk to and can often offer insights. I also recommend this website and when I think they are not going to take the time to visit it, I often pore over the past posts and print out a thread to put into their hands to answer the particular concerns they are working on at the moment. StayLDS does so much good. One other thing....after enduring many not so good moments in life before the church and even after life in the church....I have seen the miracle of forgiveness up close. I have been able to forgive atrocious situations, with heavenly help. I am happy to look backwards down the road traveled and see how I made it through, when I thought at times, I just could not. Thank you to all of you who do take the time to post your thoughts. You give me much meat to chew on. I love hearing your thoughts.

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Re: To those of you who Lurk but don't post

Post by LookingHard » 17 Apr 2018, 03:32

Thanks for posting afterall. I wish you the best dealing with life and the pains that go along with that.

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