Why do you go?

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Re: Why do you go?

Post by Katzpur » 10 Nov 2020, 09:40

Before I started serving at the Salt Lake Metro Jail, I went to church to receive the sacrament. Period.
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Re: Why do you go?

Post by Roy » 10 Nov 2020, 09:48

Katzpur wrote:
10 Nov 2020, 09:40
Before I started serving at the Salt Lake Metro Jail, I went to church to receive the sacrament. Period.
I have wondered. Since we have been authorized to bless and pass the sacrament in our own homes if that has diminished the importance of attending church.
I also pray for the health of those that are incarcerated at this time. Our own prisons (we have two in our county) have uncomfortably high rates of Covid. :cry:
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Re: Why do you go?

Post by Arrakeen » 12 Nov 2020, 22:03

I used to get a lot of benefit as a teenager because that was where all my friends were. Church was the main opportunity I had to socialize and make friends.

When I first started college, the church was a convenient support community to help each other adjust to being away from home. As a missionary church was a time to talk to members and take a break from the grind of missionary work.

As a YSA there was a time where church was an opportunity to meet potential people to date. But I’ve long since given up on the mess that is BYU dating (not to mention my faith changes and the raging pandemic).

Most recently I was going to avoid the ire of the Honor Code Office and get an ecclesiastical endorsement. But now with COVID I haven’t attended since March, and I don’t miss it at all.

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Re: Why do you go?

Post by Curt Sunshine » 21 Nov 2020, 11:52

I go to support people I love, especially those who don't fit the stereotypical mold.

I am not shy, and I know how to say unorthodox things in orthodox words (how to speak "Mormonese"), so I go so other unorthodox members hear someone saying things in a way that helps them in their journeys.
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