Is StayLDS at its end of life?

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Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by DarkJedi » 26 Oct 2020, 12:08

We've had some discussion in the moderator forum about the activity, or lack there of, recently on the board. We've noted there has been a fairly significant drop off in participation/posts since the beginning of COVID19 and that seems to be even more pronounced of late. We discussed some of the reasons that might be but we don't know that there's just one reason. We have also discussed the thought that perhaps StayLDS has run its course.

Now dear members it's your turn. Has StayLDS run its course? Is there a purpose left in continuing the forum? Is this time period a cyclical lull or is the forum truly on life support? We welcome your thoughts and look forward to your input.
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Minyan Man » 26 Oct 2020, 13:17

IMO, some of us maybe just tired. For some, we no longer interact with the Leaders, Members or participate on a regular basis.
For me, everything seems so remote. I have very few contacts with members of the church or activities within the church anymore.
When this occurs, you have very few issues to personally resolve. Life seems to be simplified in many ways. This may change when
we get back to normal.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Katzpur » 26 Oct 2020, 15:40

I certainly hope it's not at its end of life. I know I'm not a super frequent poster, but I check in at least once a week. I'll tell you what my own situation is. I have no idea how similar it is to anyone else's. In the past, when I've just about had it with certain elements in the Church, I have known where I can go and find a listening ear. I know where I can go and not be told, "Just pray more and read your scriptures more." That hasn't cut it for me at any time in my life, and I went through most of my life feeling a lone in the Church much of the time.

With Covid, we're all so isolated. We don't interact with other members of the Church as much as we used to. We aren't forced to deal with many of the things that brought us here in the first place. Hopefully, that will change once things get back to normal. And for me, personally, I have found that the "Mormon Democrats" Facebook page is filling a very important role in my life now. I have always just assumed that politics are off-limits on StayLDS, so I haven't made any political comments here. During this election, I've found that my need to be (virtually, at least) around like-think people has been met on that page. After the election, I suspect my involvement there will be minimal.

I've recommended this site to a number of people over the years. It's important that we who are struggling have a soft place to fall. Please, let's give it some time.
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Ann » 26 Oct 2020, 19:37

I hope not.

Lately, even before Covid-19, I don’t feel I have much to contribute, but I do check and would feel the loss if it disappeared. I came here eight years ago in full-blown crisis, and you all took a lot of the sting out of it.
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by AmyJ » 27 Oct 2020, 04:42

I hope it's not over.

This place has been the best place for me to explore the intersection between church culture, parenting, and managing expectations. All the questions I ask here are respectfully answered with a variety of viewpoints, where with my LDS friends, I get weird looks sometimes for bothering to ask the question.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Arrakeen » 27 Oct 2020, 06:56

I also hope it continues. The forum has been a lifeline for me for the last couple years, and I check in frequently just to feel I’m not alone in having a different perspective on church topics.

It has been different with Covid, and I don’t have too much to talk about lately since I haven’t gone to church since March. But once Covid passes I’m sure there will be more things people need support with.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by grobert93 » 27 Oct 2020, 07:36

I feel like staylds had the purpose of helping struggling members... stay LDS. Not all of us found this resolution the proper course of action for ourselves and thus, we are leftLDS instead. So it's harder to feel welcome, included and involved in the community when the goal is to stayLDS.

I wonder how many lurkers have leftLDS and do not know how to contribute to faith promoting material?

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Ilovechrist77 » 27 Oct 2020, 20:33

I hope and pray that this forum won't end. I don't comment or post that often. I tend to read more often than post. Being introverted, but enjoying talking with people on a one-on-one basis, the COVID-19 has made it harder for me to want to go out that often. So most of the people I normally see is my parents, which is fine. I just would love to eventually date. Since I'm a hard missionary, I might need to post more often for support. There's just too many issues I have with the church. Every once in while, I've shared with my parents some church issues. Not too many, though. They are too traditional, so I'm afraid that might rock the boat too much. So if this site to keep going, I would love to see it keep going.

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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by SamBee » 28 Oct 2020, 04:40

To be honest this Covid business has been doing my head in. I would normally look at this site at work, but since my work has been shut down most of this year I can't do that.

I have also been trying to look at non-Covid things, because this situation has been doing me psychological damage including destroying my sleep. It is kinda unavoidable, but most of the discussion here has been about it. I have only recently been able to bring myself back to discuss this.

So most of this lockdown, I have been out walking, reading (when my brain got back into it), listening to audiobooks and watching TV. My internet use has gone down a lot.

I have discussed Covid a bit since coming back but we need some Covid free threads too.
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

Post by Roy » 28 Oct 2020, 16:07

I very much agree that COVID shutdowns has had an effect. I also wonder about the effect of the "Mormon Moment" and free publicity. Every time that John Dehlin or Brian Johnson appeared in a newspaper article and the name stayLDS was mentioned our traffic would increase afterwards. A few of those people might stick around and contribute to the conversation. I sense an analogy about fishing with a broad net in there somewhere.

We have plenty of lurkers that are more comfortable reading what others write than writing themselves. That is fine - however, there needs to be a certain amount of new content/posts to keep people checking back or they find the content stale and move on.

On the other hand … as a support group we should not be self perpetuating. If the reasons for people's pain (those LDS related pains that require our support) went away then that would be good news indeed and we could close up shop with a happy heart.
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