Russian press on LDS

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Russian press on LDS

Post by SamBee » 01 Mar 2019, 03:45

"Religious minorities have an uneasy presence in Russia today," an article by Emma Friedlander from The Moscow Times states. With an estimated 22,000 members in Russia, Latter-day Saints are among one of those minorities...

"Church members say that current political tensions between Russia and the United States have contributed to negative stereotypes that the church kidnaps people, takes their money and spies on locals.

"'Russian people think this way because they read false information about our church on the internet,' said Alyona Samoilova, 18. 'I know because I’ve also read this information, and a lot of it just isn’t true.'" ... in-Russia/
DASH1730 "An Area Authority...[was] asked...who...would go to the Telestial kingdom. His answer: "murderers, adulterers and a lot of surprised Mormons!"'
1ST PRES 1978 "[LDS] believe...there is truth in many religions and philosophies...good and great religious leaders... have raised the spiritual, moral, and ethical awareness of their people. When we speak of The [LDS] as the only true is...authorized to administer the Jesus Christ... we do not mean... it is the only teacher of truth."

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