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The RobCast

Post by SunbeltRed » 16 Sep 2015, 11:19

Anyone here listen to the RobCast? (A podcast done by Rob Bell

It is amazing! I don't know if the way that he approaches his sermons (a lot of his podcasts are like sermons) is unique to him or if it something that is done in other churches, but I am a big fan.

It is just refreshing to hear someone talk about the scriptures and spirituality and use them in a way to truly examine things in our own life in a real practical way instead of someone using them to beat you over the head and tell you how you have to interpret them and believe them (which is what I feel I get in most talks/lessons at church).

I am thinking of just talking his 19 Letter Podcast and using that as my talk each month for the next year.

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Re: The RobCast

Post by Roy » 16 Sep 2015, 14:21

Please visit this amazing thread on Rob's book "Love Wins"!!!

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