Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

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Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by Curt Sunshine » 01 Jan 2014, 17:48

Just so everyone knows, it is likely that the time I have available to participate here will decrease (to what extent, I'm not sure) in the near future. There are two reasons for that:

1) I lost my job in September, and there is a good chance that I will start a new job in the next month or so. If that happens, I will need to relocate - and spend a lot of time at first getting acclimated to everything.

2) Even more importantly, after a lot of thought, I have made a New Year's resolution to provide more service in the physical, non-LDS community around me to those who need it the most. The only way I can do that is to cut back on the time I spend here. I've always considered the time I spend here as pure, unconditional service (since I don't get any compensation other than what I feel - which is wonderful compensation) to those within the LDS community who need it the most, and I love it immeasurably, but it has meant that I spend many of my evenings and nights at home - not available in the community.

In many ways, participating here has allowed me to serve while staying in my comfort zone. It's been wonderful, but, in a way, it's been relatively easy. (No, it isn't easy - not at all, but I hope you understand what I mean.) I have been serving with my heart and with my mind, if you will, but not with my hands - and I have felt compelled over the last few months to take a step outside that comfort zone and start serving more with my hands.

I have loved the time I have spent here for the last four years, and I wouldn't trade one minute of it for anything. As a result of my time here, I have come to understand a little better the statement:
The whole need not a physician, but the sick.

I hope everyone understands what I mean by quoting that verse in this context, and I hope you all understand that I will continue to check in and comment / moderate regularly, but I've felt strongly that I need to balance out my efforts a bit and provide my children, especially, an example of how they can make the world a better place at the most basic, fundamental level. They are aware of and appreciate what I do here, but they need more than just that vision of me - and I need more, as well.

I don't know yet exactly how that will work, since I haven't decided yet exactly who to serve and how to do so, but I am resolved to find a way to do so.

Thank you, each and every one of you (those who comment actively, occasionally or never), for enriching my life for the past four years. I look forward to that continuing as long as possible, but I also look forward to making more of a difference in the future than I have in the past in the traditional, physical world.
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Re: Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by Gerald » 01 Jan 2014, 19:00


I have appreciated your measured approach to many of the issues discussed here. I will miss it but admire your desire to serve those around you especially during this transition period. Good luck!
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Re: Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by DarkJedi » 01 Jan 2014, 20:35

Thanks for all you have done for me, Ray. I really do appreciate your insightfulness. I understand you're not leaving completely, and I'm glad for that. Likewise, I understand where you're coming from - real, hands on physical service has a satisfaction of its own and I think it is necessary for our spiritual well being. I hope you find the opportunities you need to find the joy and peace you seek.
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Re: Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by Daeruin » 01 Jan 2014, 21:20

Ray, you've made a big difference for me even in the few short weeks I've been on the forum. Good luck with your hands-on service, and I look forward to seeing you around here when you can, as well. Thanks again.
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Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by mackay11 » 02 Jan 2014, 00:41

Really appreciate what you do here ray. Hope your next steps work for the best.

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Re: Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by SilentDawning » 02 Jan 2014, 09:46

Thanks Ray, for letting us know. I wondered how long you would sustain this level of involvement a while ago, and reflected on how sad it would be to me if you moved on for some reason. I'm glad you'll still be involved. And of course, I can vouch for how satisfying it can be to serve in the non-LDS Community and am pleased to hear you are searching for a place to give that level of service.

And thanks for the many times I posted a thread here, and you were the only one who responded. Not that I'm unhappy with everyone who did not respond, just that I appreciated your consistent support.

Glad you will still be around.
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Re: Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by mercyngrace » 02 Jan 2014, 16:21

Enjoy the focus on IRL service, Ray. I walked away from posting a few years back for the same reason and found myself much happier (in spite of missing my online friends A TON!). I'm in the process of trying to build my own business so I can walk away from my job and reclaim more of my life for service. It's just been my dream to live modestly and serve. Fingers crossed we both find our way to living out our goals...

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Re: Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by Ann » 02 Jan 2014, 17:25

I hope you don't go far when you leave. I don't have words for what this site has meant to me. I hope you find the job you need and get settled and thanks for being the "real" Ray Degraw.
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Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by Cadence » 03 Jan 2014, 16:47

Who is going to keep me in line? We disagree so often I will not find it quite as enjoyable to visit here to see your latest response to challenge me. You make me think.

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Re: Likely Reduced Time Here Moving Forward

Post by SamBee » 03 Jan 2014, 17:02

I can sympathize with you. I had to quit a job in September, because it was costing me more to do than it was making me.

I appreciate your work here, as always.
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