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Re: A Geographic Model for Disaffection

Posted: 21 Jan 2014, 13:39
by opentofreedom
Hawkgirl, Thanks for taking the time to write this model and for sharing your personal feelings as well.

I really like that there are categories, they seem helpful. I can't wait to use it for my personal writing tomorrow. Thanks again!!

Re: A Geographic Model for Disaffection

Posted: 21 Jan 2014, 16:09
by Life_Journey_of_Matt
hawkgrrrl, this is just awesome. There are only minor points where my situation would be much different than yours.

One might be in the Extended Family category. I have been noticing an increasing urge to find some way to just spill the beans to all of them. Let them know where I stand. Part of this comes from the fact that religion does in fact come up in my occasional visits with extended family. For instance, my parents just built a new house in Utah up in the mountains. When we flew out there to visit them for Christmas, we had a lot of extended family that came up very briefly to say hi. I had an aunt who struck up a quick conversation.

Her: What's the church have you doing right now?
Me: Nothing right now, but I was in the YM presidency for awhile.
Her: Oh, my son did that for awhile. He had to deal with all these things....

Which led to a couple of hot button issues in which she explained her justifications for various issues in the church, just assuming I would feel the same as she did. For example, she said something like, "They've done studies, and women in the church just don't care that they don't have the priesthood. It's just a very few loud-mouthed feminists making all the stink. Filter them out, and there's no problem. Someone I know works with Elder Cook, and this is basically what he said." Now, standing there with all of this extended family around, basically just having a meet and greet with kids running around playing basketball and all kinds of other things going on, this was just not the time or place to open that can of worms, though i desperately wanted to. So I just passively nodded along. And this is just one example of an interaction with one person. If she had known beforehand that I don't just answer yes to every doctrine and church policy, that conversation wouldn't have come up or would have been approached in a completely different way. Much higher chance of having a meaningful, less one-sided conversation.