Content is Actively Moderated

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Content is Actively Moderated

Post by Brian Johnston » 03 Aug 2009, 07:14

All posts in the forums are reviewed by volunteer Moderators. For those not familiar with internet chat forums, a Moderator is a forum user with extra system-level abilities to manage, edit and delete content in other user’s posts.

We actively moderate the content at StayLDS so that information and dialogue stays focused on the mission objectives of the community. Please refer to the information published in the “Rules and Policies” forum section, especially the “Rules of Etiquette” for StayLDS and the “Mission Statement” of the forums.

Moderators will ask participants to edit or modify their comments if the content does not match the site mission, or if it violates the rules of etiquette for StayLDS. In some cases, posts may be deleted or moved to a non-public forum area while problems are resolved. Moderators will try to contact the forum user and let them know about the problem. Please be patient though. Everyone that works on managing StayLDS is a volunteer who donates their spare time to the project.

Please keep in mind that a great many people only read the forum discussions and do not actively participate in the conversation. StayLDS produces content for a large audience. We take the approach of treating the site and forum content like a magazine or a self-help book in the process of creation. We encourage participation. We seek participants who encourage useful and productive discussions. We want to maintain a diversity of different views and approaches to the subject matter. Like editors of magazines or newspapers though, we moderate content for quality and relevance.

Registered users of the site can help in this process. When logged in to the forums, you will see a triangle icon with an exclamation mark. If you think a post or comment violates the Rules of Etiquette, you can activate that icon to alert a Moderator to the situation. It will be reviewed as soon as someone has a chance.

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