Admin Notice to All Users Re: Spammers

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Admin Notice to All Users Re: Spammers

Post by Old-Timer » 04 Jun 2009, 11:56


We want to let all of you know that we have been having an issue with spammers registering as new users. We have taken steps to keep their posts from appearing in the common discussion forum by requiring all first-time posts to be approved by an admin, but they still show up at the bottom of the page as "our newest user" (or similar verbiage - too lazy to check right now) and in the list of registered users until we are able to delete them - which we are doing regularly. PLEASE, do NOT click on any user's name anywhere in the forum unless that user has posted an intelligible comment or post and you are "familiar" with the name. In some cases, the names link to highly inappropriate sites - so we want to warn you of it upfront.

As I mentioned above, we now are requiring first-time posters to receive permission prior to their comments and posts being seen by everyone. If you are a reader / lurker and want to post something, please don't hesitate. We try to check in multiple times daily whenever possible, and we will approve ALL reasonable posts and comments by real people. We simply have had to take this step to protect everyone here from the spammers that recently have hit this site.

If you have technical suggestions as to how to stop them entirely, feel free to share them in a comment. Otherwise, this post is informational only and not intended for comments.
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