Fanny Alger, First Plural Wife?

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Re: Fanny Alger, First Plural Wife?

Post by LookingHard » 17 Nov 2017, 06:24

gospeltangents wrote:
13 Jul 2017, 15:38
Yes, I agree with Hawk. Even if Joseph had no sex with any wives by Emma, Someone on Facebook posted a note saying,
Let’s assume Brian is right. For some reason, Joseph married 30+ women and never had sex with any of them. For additional unexplained reasons, he felt too uncomfortable to share any of this with Emma even though he wasn’t being intimate with these women (enter flaming sword, etc.), and God didn’t deem it worthy to send an angel (flaming sword or otherwise) to convince Emma of this divine duty. But let’s put all that aside and believe this is exactly what happened.

Even if all of that is correct, every last word, it is undisputed that for almost 60 years, all of the church leaders and his successors did do all of this. Not only were they intimate with their polygamous wives, some of whom were very young girls, they celebrated those relationships and *condemned* monogamy. Not only were sexual polygamous relationships justified, they were *preferable,* considered the eternal order of marriage, and just like the relationship that God Himself had.

And that’s the best-case, faith-affirming angle Brian is arguing for.
I think that FB quote is missing one other item that bothers me. Section 132 says the purpose of polygamy is to bring up righteous seed. Umm, doesn't that mean "kids", which means if he wasn't having sex he wasn't doing what he was supposed to.

This topic is what finally made the light bulb go off in my head - church leaders worship Joseph Smith and feel if he isn't near perfect everything else might fall apart. The Race essay calmly throws Brigham right under the bus. Some of the essays almost sound to me like they are willing to throw God under the bus to keep Joseph shiny clean.

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