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Study D&C

Posted: 29 Jul 2021, 08:51
by Kipper
Since we have been studying D&C this year DW and I read each night and currently reading thru section 85 I am struck by how much of it is serious warnings about apostasy, straying, denying what you once had etc. We follow along with the Institute student manual for lots of prophetic insight which also seems to be mostly examples of what some or many people do that is wrong and what they should be doing. Maybe it's just me but I don't get any sense of comfort reading thru this book. I sometimes feel that way going thru the BoM and other scriptures as well. Dare I say sometimes it feels like leverage.

Re: Study D&C

Posted: 29 Jul 2021, 13:17
by AmyJ
I agree with you on the "leverage" front.

I chaulk these tactics as a way to motivate people to stay with Joseph (and the other brethren) in general.

I also bear in mind that Joseph Smith was born in the early 1800's and grew up dealing with the fallout from the Revolutionary War and the War in 1812-1813 with Great Britain. To my way of thinking, it infuses his thinking and writing with an "Us vs Them" mentality and to a degree, urgency in organization that comes out the strongest in the D&C writings.

While the 1774 Declaration of Independence may have been a turning point for a lot of things, the 1780's through the 1820's were times of historic turmoil as the government formed and reformed itself.

Re: Study D&C

Posted: 30 Jul 2021, 15:27
by DarkJedi
I don't know. I've always found it sadly interesting that it seems like much of the D&C goes like this (especially the ones to individuals, but also to groups of people):

Joseph: Br. Brown I want you to do this (fill in the blank: leave your pregnant wife and 10 children to serve a mission, give me all your money, engage in polygamy, etc.)....
Br. Brown: Nah, thanks for offering, I'd rather not.
Joseph: Thus saith the Lord, Br. Brown you are commanded to....