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New bishopric

Post by HazyShadeofFall » 02 Apr 2021, 00:27

I don't really have a goal with this post, just wanted to share this recent development and my thoughts on it.

Last month the bishopric of my YSA ward was released and replaced with a new set. Unlike regular wards where bishops are called from the congregation, the bishopric getting released means we won’t see them at our church meetings at all anymore. It was a difficult week for the ward; our bishop was fantastic and a lot of us, including me, have developed a close connection with him. He is, so far, the best bishop I’ve ever had.

Some qualities were what I expect from any decent YSA bishop, like being more focused on helping us find our unique paths rather than pushing us to get married and join “real” adulthood. Some were, I think, a result of his training as a professional psychologist; for example, he was good at identifying which issues were spiritual and which were mental health related, and where to get help for each of them. And above all he was so compassionate and understanding. About a year ago there were no church meetings and the stake had authorized all worthy priesthood holders in the ward to administer the sacrament in their own homes, but provincial restrictions prevented them at times from administering it to other households. As a single woman, every single Sunday that spring was a reminder that I was completely unnecessary in the structure of the church. I talked to my bishop about it - about the sacrament specifically, about my broader concerns about the value of women in the church, and about how these concerns are so often invalidated. And he listened. He didn’t have an answer for why the structure of the church is so patriarchal, and he didn’t try to make one up. The next time we had a lockdown in the fall, the stake decided not to authorize home sacrament for anyone, and the bishop apologized to me personally that they had ever made a decision regarding the sacrament that caused pain for the women (and probably others) in the stake.

I’m going to try to be open to this new bishop. I’ll be chatting with him a bit tomorrow over Zoom - he’s been reaching out to the ward members to start to get to know us. Still, I feel a great loss with the last bishop gone. I think he played a big part in why I’ve continued attending church through my major faith transitions over the past couple years.

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Re: New bishopric

Post by DarkJedi » 02 Apr 2021, 06:38

My daughter had a similar experience at BYU. She had become particularly close with one bishop and they shared some interests. In her case it wasn't that the bishop changed but she moved to different housing so her ward changed. She did not get off on a good start with the new guy and they never really got along (he was very old school). However, she was able to maintain some contact with her old bishop. While he wasn't her leader anymore, that didn't mean they couldn't chat or that he couldn't offer her advice. They actually kept in contact for a time even after she left BYU.
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Re: New bishopric

Post by PazamaManX » 02 Apr 2021, 12:26

It's always a shame to lose a good bishop. My wife and I don't really care much for our ward and our last bishop was the one thing we truly loved about our ward. You could tell he genuinely cared and would do whatever he could to help you if you asked. That's not to say our current bishop doesn't care and wouldn't want to help someone, but it just isn't quite the same.

It sounds like you had a great bishop and it's a shame he's no longer part of your ward. I hope your new bishop works out for you and your ward. That's very cool though that your last bishop is chatting with you over zoom. I don't now how many newly released bishops would take the time to do that.
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Re: New bishopric

Post by SamBee » 02 Apr 2021, 13:15

HazyShadeofFall wrote:
02 Apr 2021, 00:27
. The next time we had a lockdown in the fall, the stake decided not to authorize home sacrament for anyone, and the bishop apologized to me personally that they had ever made a decision regarding the sacrament that caused pain for the women (and probably others) in the stake..
I'm really sorry to hear that. I celebrate sacrament by myself and it's not the same, it's very lonely, but it's part of the hypocrisy of this whole thing that Amazon and pizza places can pop by every day but that you can't get sacrament delivered. Do the bread and water even have to be open?
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Re: New bishopric

Post by Roy » 04 Apr 2021, 09:43

That sounds like a wonderful caring bishop to have had during your young adult years.

I celebrate with you and for you that he was there for you when you needed someone to listen.
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