Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

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Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by mom3 » 07 Apr 2019, 19:12

During the next week share your favorite and not favorite talk from GC. Feel free to share your "why's".
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Curt Sunshine
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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by Curt Sunshine » 07 Apr 2019, 21:11

Sis. Eubank's talk was amazing.

Elder Anderson's was not.
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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by Arrakeen » 07 Apr 2019, 21:50

Haven't watched all of them yet, but I liked Gong and (surprisingly) Bednar.

Nelson's talk about ordinances didn't really work for me.

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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by grobert93 » 08 Apr 2019, 05:19

Due to personal questions that I've been needing answers to, Elder Christopherson, Callister and Bednar (and Holland, but as a bonus) were my favorites. They are usually not the ones I appreciate in conference but their talks spoke to my soul and I've gained a greater understanding of my purpose.

Least favorite would probably be Elder Anderson, interestingly enough I fell sleep during his so I haven't actually heard it yet but my wife told me what he talked bout so I probably wouldn't have liked that. I also didn't like Stevenson's talk during Priesthood. I've never enjoyed sports (and the gender bias toward it with men) so it felt very stereotypical plus he was "only focused on the deacons" anyway.

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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by AmyJ » 08 Apr 2019, 05:57

Personal Favorites: Sister Eubanks & Brother McKay.
I connected with Sister Eubanks's talk - I felt like we were having a conversation in someone's living room.

Brother McKay's talk intrigued me because of the time paradox. I love how he teared up when talking about his own faith journey - he was keepin' it real to me.

Not Favorite: President Nelson's Sunday Morning talk. It left me with an "us vs them" mentality with me on the losing side.

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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by On Own Now » 08 Apr 2019, 09:30

Going into this GC, I was consciously giving two of my less-favorite Apostles my ear and the benefit of the doubt. I fear that I have in the past shut them out and wanted to listen to what they had to say to see if it could ease my angst about them; knowing that the attempt would be better for me than simply going in the other room for awhile. The two are Elder Andersen and Elder Holland.

NLA - Wow. What a disappointment. When this talk comes out in the Ensign next month, it should be titled, "How the World is Bad OR Defining Ourselves by What We Are Not". This talk makes me think more than before, that NLA and DFU probably experience more awkward silence than heart-felt conversation when the two find themselves together at parties. NLA again cemented himself in my mind as the anti-modernization Apostle.

JRH - Hmmm... Well... Uh... I appreciated the focus on the sacrament as the most important event in Sunday Services. I agree completely with that idea. I thought his talk was good and he communicated well. My criticism might sound nit-picky, but I assure you that it is at the heart of the Theology of the Sacrament for me, so as minor as it might seem, to me it's a big deal. JRH reminded us of how terrible the atonement was for Jesus, and implored us to remember his suffering when we take the Sacrament. I get it, it's OK, I understand. It's just that to me, IMO, that is an unnecessary focus that detracts from the purpose of the Sacrament. It relies on a notion that we OWE our allegiance to Jesus because he gave so much for us, instead of leveraging our DESIRE to align ourselves to Jesus to be better people. To a lesser extent, I also kind of lament that it is now an Apostolic Directive not to talk to each other before the meeting. There is no place, apparently, for smiles, hugs and handshakes. I had to kind of smile and shake my head at the notion that investigators are shocked in a negative way that we are too friendly to each other before the meeting begins. Two-hour Church just became two-hour-and-five-minute Church.

It's actually a bit hard to pick out a favorite. There were many really good talks. I'd say that in a lot of ways, it was one of the better GC's in a while, if we simply discount 3-4 talks that were downers (Sister Craven, Elder Andersen). If I had to pick a fave, I'd go with DFU, because, as usual, it seems to communicate to people very well; understanding them, and acknowledging them, and then making it all seem possible.
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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by DarkJedi » 08 Apr 2019, 10:27

Mine tend to change after further review but for now:

Favorites: Sister Eubank, Bednar (you may never hear me say that again, I just appreciated how he laid it all out and I think lots of people needed to hear it), Ballard, Holland (because I have a strong testimony of the sacrament) and just about any Sunday morning session talk (with one exception, noted below). If there has been a move toward more Christ centered GC talks, and there has been, this was a little leap.

Not favorites: Anderson, Nelson Sunday morning. My problem with Nelson wasn't that what he said wasn't heartfelt, it just sort of seemed like the rambling testimony one dreads on fast Sunday and it wasn't of the caliber of all the other talks that session.

I was talking with a friend this morning and he loved Nelson's and hated Holland's. Go figure.

ETA, I was going back to count how many talks were Christ centered and was reminded I was not crazy about Stevenson's priesthood session talk. I don't think he was connecting with the audience he was trying to connect with (YM). Side notes: Do any of you remember the days when they used to have member athletes speak in priesthood session? And Bryce Harper as an example? I have mixed feelings about that actually, because he could have been showing him as an example of someone who isn't perfect. I am not familiar enough with most of the others on Stevenson's list but Harper admittedly drinks coffee and has been known to spew a profanity laced outburst or two, although he is active and apparently a TR holder.

And Christofferson - I usually don't mind him but I'm not crazy about scary second coming things (partly because I don't think scary and the gospel go together and partly because I don't believe the second coming is any time soon and this was too reminiscent of the 80s version of the church I so much dislike). But his talk was Christ centered.
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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by nibbler » 08 Apr 2019, 10:59

Elder Holland's talk was another one where I've seen inconsistencies in how it has been received. I just listened to the talk, first talk I've heard this conf.

I can appreciate the first half of his talk. I like the style where the speaker fleshes scriptural narratives out a little. I find it aids with the process of projecting myself into the narrative.

I agree with OON on some points. I'm not sure how I feel about approaching the atonement as though we owe something to or are otherwise indebted to Jesus. I feel it makes for an uneven playing field and elevates Jesus to where he becomes less relatable. At one point Holland uses the phrase, "demands our respect." I bristle a little because I prefer the gentler 'come follow me' Jesus to the 'because I have given much, you too must give' Jesus. It's an invitation to follow, not an obligation.

The middle third of the talk after the retellings of biblical/PoGP narritives didn't do much for me. He spent a good portion of his talk on what I feel are the more Pharisaical elements of our worship. Being reverent, being early, wearing our best, restoring tradition. I don't think Jesus would care what I wear... at least not as much as my neighbor will care after this talk. Maybe I'm wrong. I think reverence is a state of mind, but we like to measure it externally. I just worry that this could become a talk people use to police other people's Sabbath observance.

The calls to be extra reverent even got elevated to the status of an "apostolic plea." Holland cites visitors being shocked (heaven even being shocked) by noisy irreverence but my experience as a convert was quite the opposite. Why isn't anyone applauding after that beautiful musical solo? Why is everyone dead silent? And this is why I fear that the talk will become the go-to source to suck every scrap of joy and humanity out of our worship. Worship doesn't have to mean dead silence. What if worship took the form of joyous socializing? Why can't we accept worship in other formats?

I don't know. Maybe I can imagine Zachariah chatting with his community about the pinewood derby before performing an ordinance. Who's to say?

He reeled it back in for the closing third. People need help. We can help them. If I wear sweatpants to church is someone quoting this talk at me going to help me?
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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by dande48 » 08 Apr 2019, 11:49

Elder Anderson and Elder Held (the talk immediately before), were not my favorite. I think my wife realize how ticked I was, and asked if I could go make dinner. You can probably guess why with Elder Andersen, but with Elder Held, it was his conversion story. Specifically, when he mentioned how our clergy are unpaid, while he is now a well-paid LDS clergyman. Reminded me of all the things I taught as a missionary, which turned out to be blatantly wrong, and all the anti-stuff I refuted which turned out to be right after all. I felt like I deceived because I didn't know any better, and that irks me.

I did appreciate Uchtdorf's talk. It framed missionary work in a better light, put the Church into perspective, and acknowledged that the greatest missionary work we can do is how we live our lives.

Oak's was much improved. Maybe he meant something else (probably did), but I liked how he acknowledged our repentance and accountability is between us and God alone.
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Re: Conference Favorite - Not Favorite

Post by kate5 » 08 Apr 2019, 14:50

I liked Sis. Eubanks talk.

My husband was already getting depressed about our family not being together forever and on Sunday, Nelson just confirmed that he's right, we won't. According to him being a good person isn't enough so I guess me and my sons don't deserve to live with their Dad in the afterlife. I guess he'll get his pick of as many wives (and kids) as he wants in eternity.

What a punch in the gut.

My sister asked her bishop what happens to her because her husband is inactive and he told her that he won't be with her and the kids in the CK but don't worry she'll get a more righteous man to be her husband. She told me she's hoping for James Dean. :wtf:

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