The Apostle Paul - Ugh.

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Re: The Apostle Paul - Ugh.

Post by mom3 » 04 Mar 2018, 21:17

On Own - Thank you for the larger view. I have parts of Paul I do like. Like DJ mentioned the Evangelicals seem to use him as the whipping tool for Mormons ( and other unbelievers). I will have to get a copy of the annotated reference book.

It's been a tough weekend. The comments that brought me here, came so unexpectedly. The two churches - LDS and the Evangelical one - don't even come in contact with each other. Both of us serve out of a borrowed Lutheran building for one or two weeks a year. You serve with your own congregation (unless an individual chooses otherwise). Maybe it was the total blindside hit that got me. But even today I was wiggling in my seat at church trying to wrestle my emotions on this.

The other part, for me, is we couch things like LGBT based on Paul or interpretations of Paul. I can't fully blame the Evangelicals. For crying out loud we were the church who publicly denounced Black People as unworthy and unholy.

I have concluded that in my Disneyized Version of Jesus, Heaven, The Celestial Kingdom - that crap this would not happen. Sadly - we are still human. I still have to deal with crappy scriptural interpretations. Between this Pastor and Losing Uchtdorf - I am going to need hours in sack cloth and ashes.
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