LDS dating crisis

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Re: LDS dating crisis

Post by Oneofmany » 08 Jul 2017, 21:28

speaking as someone who has been on a "singles cruise" recently, I see both sides of this. Yes, there were more women than men. However, it was very obvious to me that the girls ran in "cliches" and as has been pointed out, how many of us really have the desire or guts to get in the middle of a group of girls and single one out? I have also tried the on-line dating. I have found that most women don't respond to me unless they already know me. Full disclosure: I admit to being picky, but with me it is more about the perceived intelligence than the looks.

Finally, I would like to understand the rationale behind the statement "Her best bet is to move to California and marry outside the faith." Was this just an opinion or is it based on something factual? I ask because maybe I should move to California as well.

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