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Baptism on the horizon

Posted: 09 Feb 2015, 18:40
by startpoor
Maybe not a big deal, but I appreciate you bringing it up. I didn't think of trying to make the baptism a more intimate meeting. Maybe I can think of a way to express a desire that talks focus on Christ rather than the church without coming off too controlling.

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Re: Baptism on the horizon

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 13:09
by Man in the Arena
Good question, I struggled with it too- I still believe in Jesus Christ, but post faith crisis I felt, and still feel, like a hypocrite. On one hand I was baptizing my kid into a faith that I no longer believed (I also have strong feelings about the long term message I am sending to my kids by doing so), and on the other hand, baptism is a personal commitment to Christ (and I have just as much authority to baptize my daughters and my son as anyone else).