Do any of you drink coffee?

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Re: Do any of you drink coffee?

Post by amateurparent » 28 Mar 2015, 20:43


I have seen a lot of colonoscopies. A lot. Like 18 months of colonoscopies. Every day .. For 18 long months. Wanted to chew my leg off to get away.

Sorry dude .. But there is not a correlation between coffee and piles or GI bleeds. Low fiber diets can cause all kinds of GI problems. Coffee .. not so much with the lower parts. Large amounts of caffeine can increase gastric reflux issues. But that is a quantity issue .. And large amounts of caffeinated colas do the same.
I have no advance degrees in parenting. No national credentials. I am an amateur parent. I read, study, and learn all I can to be the best parent possible. Every time I think I have reached expert status with one child for one stage in their life, something changes and I am back to amateur status again. Now when I really mess up, I just apologize to my child, and explain that I am indeed an amateur .. I'm still learning how to do this right.

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Re: Do any of you drink coffee?

Post by SamBee » 03 Apr 2015, 13:43

I've heard at least three doctors say otherwise.

If that doesn't put someone off maybe blinding migraines and its epileptifacient qualities should.

I'd sooner drink alcohol in small quantities than coffee in small quantities.
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Re: Do any of you drink coffee?

Post by Old-Timer » 04 Apr 2015, 08:32

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