Kudos to Lloyd Newell and the Mormon Tab

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Kudos to Lloyd Newell and the Mormon Tab

Post by Notchet » 20 Apr 2014, 12:35

Over the years one of my biggest pet peeves about attending LDS SM on Easter Sunday has been the Atonement and Crucifixion centered messages and only mentioning the Resurrection in passing. Sure, they dust off the traditional Easter hymns, which is nice and to be expected, but to focus more on Jesus’ atonement in the garden and His death on the cross, from the pulpit, seems to miss the whole point of Easter.

This year DW and I decided to attend the local Contemporary (Evangelical) Easter service where we were sure to hear some good preaching on the topic of Christ’s Resurrection and enjoy their melodic praise choruses. Unfortunately, the minister’s message was all about the “Christ’s logo...the Cross”...the method of Christ’s death....with a brief mention of His Resurrection at the end. Ugh.....

Just prior to departing for this morning’s Easter service, we were able to watch “Music and the Spoken Word”. Compared to the contemporary service, Lloyd Newell, the Mormon Tab, and the Orchestra knocked the ball completely out of the park with their beautiful Easter focused music along with Lloyd Newell’s life affirming Easter message. Kudos and thanks to Lloyd and the gang for blessing our Easter Sunday.

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Re: Kudos to Lloyd Newell and the Mormon Tab

Post by DarkJedi » 20 Apr 2014, 15:27

I agree, I watch the MoTab broadcast every Sunday and this was an especially good one.

I also agree that in general church speakers focus too much on the garden and the cross - events which happened that Thursday and Friday and not enough on what happened that Sunday. Easter is about the resurrection, not the other part. Not that the atonement is not important, it is, and it is a miracle in its own right but it is not the miracle of the resurrection.
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