Copy of talk or list on how to fellowship

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Re: Copy of talk or list on how to fellowship

Post by mercyngrace » 06 Jan 2014, 10:33

On Own Now wrote:Mercyngrace,

That's a beautiful message and a good reminder. I will say I'm not totally convinced it works at the ward level. If the Bishop made that announcement, the same dozen ward members who always are the last ones cleaning the cultural hall and kitchen after a ward party, or cleaning the meetinghouse on a Saturday morning, or shoveling the walks after a snowstorm, will be the ones doing service for the needy.

I think it works at a personal level and I agree that seeking out non-obvious people who are truly in need, and not just perennial takers, is a very rewarding experience. I think of the reward as secondary. The effort itself is enjoyable, and then it feels good to have done it.
I think it depends on the ward. In my current ward, someone moves in and so many men and boys show up that the trucks are unloaded in a half an hour. The sisters are being told, "No thanks, we have enough dinners for this family." The ward is active in the community also -along with the stake - contributing, if my estimate is accurate, more than 10,000 lbs of food to the local food bank (as a group drive) annually (not to mention what we all do independently. To be honest, I love my ward. My struggles with the church have been based mostly on institutional and historical issues or cultural problems I encountered growing up or in other wards. That's not to say my ward is progressive in terms of addressing the institutional or historical issues but the ward members are truly trying to follow Christ and are very charitable. It's a wonderful place to go to church.
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Re: Copy of talk or list on how to fellowship

Post by Daeruin » 06 Jan 2014, 11:09

This isn't a talk or an official church resource, but I liked it a lot. Someone posted it on another topic here recently. A lot of it talks about missionary work, but the basic idea boils down to the fact that people can tell when you're being fake. Love and service are the real key. ... ke-us.html
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Re: Copy of talk or list on how to fellowship

Post by GodisLove » 06 Jan 2014, 14:19

There is a great article I just read about this very thing. It was about a book that a non member wrote. I will try and find the link and edit my post. I am not super tech savy but I wouldn't mind having it as a reference.

Found it. I really loved everything in this. Not everything is exactly about fellowshipping but there are valid points made that I found could be applicable to many situations I have found myself in. Great reminder for myself. ... with-love/
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