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Post by conflicted testimony » 26 Dec 2013, 07:39

I can see why people leave church and drop friendships as well. I am finding that a lot of the time the only thing we have in common is church!

However, I do have some lovely friends and have been bought to tears by the words of a few (in a good way),

1) One friend organised afternoon tea via facebook, I originally replied yes, but thought about it and sent her a note telling her we had left the church and that if that makes things uncomfortable for her or anyone else then I will change it. Here's her response:
Thank you for your message Conflicted but our friendship is not based on our religious choices. You are my friend because of who you are - a beautiful person that I enjoy spending time with. I am so glad you are coming to the afternoon tea . I know some members may act strangely but I don't believe we understand christ's doctrine if we ostracise people because they are making different choices. If that does happen know that it is not because of you it is because of them and usually fear is the basis of their decision to act weird. Love ya guts Conflicted and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Xx
2) Husband won a ham just before Christmas, we already had one, so I called up a friend with 5 teen boys and not a lot of income. She was very appreciative. She also said that she heard we had left and hoped nothing changes between us and we have arranged to meet up in the new year. I am glad she bought it up first as I don't want to be forcing friendships where there may have only been contact due to church,

3) The RS President called around with some fudge and offered similar sentiments to the other 2 ladies.

4) YM president had not been informed, he called today to invite son to camp next week. When I told him he was a bit speechless and offered any help if required and hung up. He called back afterwards and said that he was a bit shocked and hoped he didn't appear "short" with me. He said that it was more of a boys camp learning survival skills rather than a church camp and son was very welcome with no pressure.

The fact that YM President didn't know makes me think we haven't been discussed n council yet, so I believe he is genuine rather than "love-bombing". Bit odd that he wasn't informed, especially as son was Deacon Quorum President.

That's the hard part about leaving church, I really do like most of the people.

I didn't go to the Ward Christmas party, it is still a bit raw with us. We are planning on holding our own pot luck dinners at home to catch up with people in a more relaxed environment.

I missed the Christian Christmas this year and read on another site where they had gone to a different denomination for a Christmas service that was totally focused on the birth of Christ. I think we will do that next year, and at easter, as I just didn't get the spirit without going to church.

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