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Cool conference talk

Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 05:31
by Gerald
I was just browsing and came across this talk by Sterling W. Sill. It blew me away and made me wonder if such a talk would be given today (I suspect not...which is kind of a pity). ... s?lang=eng

Re: Cool conference talk

Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 10:02
by Heber13
Great talk...thanks for sharing.

I listened to the audio while reading...and one thing is for sure...a talk wouldn't be given like that today that is so different from the text. Haha. Maybe in 78 they didn't have good technology for teleprompters...he talks from the heart.

I don't think they would let him say this today...
It has been said that the poets stand next to the prophets in their ability to lift us up. I have never heard of Eliza R. Snow being sustained as a prophet, and yet she wrote “O My Father.”
It's a good thought...poets and wise writers can be up there with prophets in teaching us the truths of this world, and acedemics and psychologists have good things to offer us, and quoted in GC...that becomes scripture to us, yes?

Good thoughts for today. Thanks.

Re: Cool conference talk

Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 12:41
by dande48
I strongly believe it is poetry, and not truth, that brings the feelings of the Spirit.

Re: Cool conference talk

Posted: 30 Jul 2018, 06:54
by Old-Timer
President Uchtdorf and others have mentioned the power of nature rivaling the power of the temple when it comes to feeling close to God.

I agree this was a wonderful talk, but we tend to hear what we tend to hear. This talk actually isn't unique and singular. There have been others that said much the same thing.

Re: Cool conference talk

Posted: 30 Jul 2018, 10:26
by mom3
One of the most cool things about you finding this talk is that you can use it as sanctioned scripture in class, in talks you give, in how you teach your family.

Own this one. Maybe as you share it other's will be blessed.