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Saints Vol 2 podcast

Post by gospeltangents » 09 Apr 2020, 22:18

I want to say how impressed I am with the Saints Volume 2 podcast. In the latest episode (16) they talk about the myths of the handcart disaster that aren't really true. For example, there is a woman that carried people through the icy water. It is likely that more than 6 young men carried people, and no evidence they died shortly after. Also, there is no evidence that Brigham Young said they would be saved in the Celestial Kingdom. Really, it is remarkable what they are doing. Here is the link to episode 16 ... g?lang=eng

I also want to add in one of the previous episodes, they talked about the black ban in priesthood/temple and said leaders make mistakes. It is astonishing to me some of the things they are saying to correct the historical record. (Click on the photo of Jane Manning James to hear the episode.) Truly impressive podcast put out by the Church. ... e?lang=eng
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