Mormon Stories Podcast: 3 Interfaith Amigos

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Mormon Stories Podcast: 3 Interfaith Amigos

Post by Heber13 » 15 Nov 2013, 10:20

I recommend listening to this podcast.

You can find it here: (link)

To me, I was inspired by the example of these good guys who cling to their faith, but feel no superiority to others' and their faith.

If you want to try to figure out how to StayLDS and maybe not believe it is the "one true church"...this podcast may give you some things to chew on.

Anyone else feel it gave them ideas?
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Re: Mormon Stories Podcast: 3 Interfaith Amigos

Post by Orson » 15 Nov 2013, 15:27

Yes, it was excellent! This is the type of exercise that can help us develop our spiritual muscles so we can climb the mountain out of the fog and see the sun again.

I also highly recommend this Mormon Matters podcast on the Expectation to Know:
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Re: Mormon Stories Podcast: 3 Interfaith Amigos

Post by Life_Journey_of_Matt » 16 Nov 2013, 22:16

Haven't listened to all of them, but particularly liked Imam Jamal's discussion of Islam, since I've had very little exposure to that religion. I had never heard anyone explain what it means to be Muslim...basically that anyone who is trying to become free of the ego and be a good human being is considered a Muslim (according to Jamal). I hadn't realized that they view God as formless, boundless, incomprehensible, and infinitely compassionate. God is everywhere and is in everything. He even entertained the idea that Jesus, Buddha, and many mystics may have been manifestations of the same God (Allah). Listening to him speak of mystical or spiritual Islam was such a stark contrast to the conservative Muslim views I've heard in the media.

So far what has jumped out at me the most in these podcasts has been evidence of something I've been noticing for some time now: that cold, hard dogmatism seems to be problematic in every religion.
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Re: Mormon Stories Podcast: 3 Interfaith Amigos

Post by Ann » 17 Nov 2013, 03:37

Heber13 wrote:
Anyone else feel it gave them ideas?
I loved these podcasts. I keep thinking about Rabbi Ted Falcon's somewhat perplexed replies to John Dehlin's questions about fitting in to orthodox Mormon culture. The rabbi says to just. . . not fit. And don't let anyone say you're not a Mormon. You are. I don't know if he fully appreciates what differently-believing people are up against in a church with a leadership structure like ours. One of his suggestions is to get together small, like-minded study and worship groups. Umm, that's not going to work. But even if the letter of his suggestions don't work, I love the spirit of them.
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