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by meggle
20 Apr 2014, 22:46
Forum: Introductions
Topic: It's probably time
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It's probably time

Hi all- I've been here for probably 9 months now, mostly reading and posting once or twice- but never have officially introduced myself. I'm a happily married mother if 5- ages 9 to 19. BIC, returned missionary- temple married, etc, etc. I've been happily mormon all my life and have always felt like...
by meggle
09 Mar 2014, 15:42
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: Repentance = change in direction
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Re: Repentance = change in direction

In German, the word for "to repent" is umkehren- which literally means to turn around. So I think you're on to something there. :)
by meggle
11 Jan 2014, 21:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: A place for us
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Re: A place for us

You know, if you don't spend much time here I could see how you might take away a bit of negative- maybe because it's a safe place to vent. But what I LOVE is that people can do that (vent), and they are met here with compassion, love and understanding- and it heals! I shied away a bit at first beca...
by meggle
17 Dec 2013, 08:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ordinance particiption without belief
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Re: Ordinance particiption without belief

I don't see how it can hurt, in most instances. I guess I look at it from the "first do no harm" perspective. I know this was discussed a bit in an introduction the other day- it can be very positive to participate in communal (especially family) rituals, even if you don't believe they have any bind...
by meggle
11 Dec 2013, 23:20
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The hallway class
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Re: The hallway class

Angel, I went through months and months of crying almost every time I went to church! I just want to say I get it, and reach out and give you virtual hugs! I go to Taco Bell during Sunday school. :thumbup: RS I can usually handle. Especially if I'm buoyed up by a chalupa and some caffeine!
by meggle
03 Dec 2013, 21:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Missing Pieces
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Re: Missing Pieces

haha! I remember I was YW pres when the letter was read from the pulpit about simplifying and cutting out (extra) Sunday meetings. The first thing the bishop did was call me and tell me I needed to put together an (extra) fireside for the following week to discuss this new development.