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by Broken60
22 Oct 2020, 07:00
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Topic: Pope endorses same sex civil unions
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Re: Pope endorses same sex civil unions

I have to agree with you Roy . We should not judge as it says in the Bible. Those people will have to sort it out with God it is not up to us to say if its right or wrong. Its not a decision I am in favor of but again I am not God !!
by Broken60
14 Oct 2020, 11:34
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Topic: I'm here to stay LDS
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I'm here to stay LDS

HI : I came here to have a safe place and to try and stay in the church. I no longer believe much in LDS teaching but am a devoted Christian!!! My wife is hard core LDS so I attend mostly for her. I like the BOM but I don't believe it was translated the way the church claims at best I regard it as a...