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by Codependent
13 Mar 2020, 16:25
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Topic: The Church & the Coronavirus
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Re: The Church & the Coronavirus

I have heard relatives say how inspired the prophet is to have brought about Home centered gospel study emphasis just when it was really needed, forgetting that this was supposed to be the GC to top all GCs. Oh well.
by Codependent
16 Sep 2019, 17:04
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Topic: Could it be . . . Satan?
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Re: Could it be . . . Satan?

We are told Satan will be bound for a thousand years (during the Millennium). What reawakens him. Ok, wrong words, what unleashes him? Actually I forget the actual phrase, but the idea is that people will let evil creep into their lives - without Satan. In the future, at least, Satan will not be nec...
by Codependent
13 May 2019, 23:07
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Topic: Sealing waiting period policy discontinued
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Re: Sealing waiting period policy discontinued

Sorry this may not be terribly relevant. I remember right after the revelation granting black people the priesthood the Church News editorial (Mconkie, I believe) was about the folly of interracial marriage. I don’t remember how often or long such counsel persisted, or even that it did publicly. But...
by Codependent
19 Jan 2019, 00:53
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Topic: Rome Temple
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Re: Rome Temple

I didn’t mind Moroni so much until he usurped the original angel on the Nauvoo Temple.
by Codependent
08 Dec 2018, 18:17
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Topic: Been holding cards very close to vest.
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Been holding cards very close to vest.

So, where has this forum been hiding? Well, I am glad I have found you guys (and gals) at last. You see my faith crises (I like that phrase, often used in this forum, for describing the event that shifted my world) happened about 30 years ago. Then the only place to explore Mormon issues in a non-or...
by Codependent
06 Oct 2018, 22:17
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Topic: Secular Knowledge
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Re: Secular Knowledge

I will at some point formally introduce myself. For now I just wonder about Oaks and his preaching against worldly knowledge and alternate voices and whether his refrain in this direction is some kind of penance for being on the board of Dialogue, A Journal of Mormon Thought (might have the name wro...