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by DoubtingTom
19 Sep 2019, 20:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 9/17 Nelson Devotional
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Re: 9/17 Nelson Devotional

I think I’ve come to realize I just don’t really care much for Nelson’s version of the gospel. It’s a version where God’s love is conditional, obedience is of supreme importance, and prophets always tell the truth. It’s just not very applicable. Too bad because I really like him as a person, just no...
by DoubtingTom
08 May 2019, 09:10
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Sealing waiting period policy discontinued
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Re: Sealing waiting period policy discontinued

I’m really excited for this change for two main reasons. 1) It will likely impact me as children, siblings, in-laws, nieces, etc get married and hopefully I can participate in a civil ceremony as I have no intention of renewing my recommend anytime soon. 2) I hope more and more LDS couples can exper...
by DoubtingTom
27 Apr 2019, 06:30
Forum: Support
Topic: Being Gay at BYU: Times, They Are a Changing
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Re: Being Gay at BYU: Times, They Are a Changing

Definitely a sign of progress that a gay man can come out publicly like that at BYU. I can’t help but feel sorrow for his difficult sojourn in the church if he chooses to stay. Living a life devoid of the loving and intimate connections that are so fulfilling to the human experience and essentially ...
by DoubtingTom
25 Apr 2019, 17:41
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Finally saying hi
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Re: Finally saying hi

Welcome! This community was a life saver for me. I no longer am “staying LDS” but my wife is and I stay plugged into this on-line community because I have loved it and enjoy the non-judgmental conversations that go on here. Wherever your journey takes you, this community will support you.
by DoubtingTom
04 Apr 2019, 13:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Church to allow baptisms, blessings for children of LGBT parents, updates handbook regarding 'apostasy'
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Re: Church to allow baptisms, blessings for children of LGBT parents, updates handbook regarding 'apostasy'

While we still consider such a marriage to be a serious transgression, it will not be treated as apostasy for purposes of church discipline. Instead, the immoral conduct in heterosexual or homosexual relationships will be treated in the same way. A heterosexual couple can hold hands, cuddle, kiss, ...
by DoubtingTom
25 Mar 2019, 11:36
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Mission length to be announced in GC?
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Re: Mission length to be announced in GC?

I’ve heard this rumor so many times and in so many forums, and in every case there is never any proof. In this day of social media, if calls like this were truly going out, there would be at least one photo posted on-line. Instead there are none. Not a single one. It’s always “my aunt’s friend knows...
by DoubtingTom
11 Mar 2019, 13:45
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Rome Temple
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Re: Rome Temple

Seperately from the issue of cost, my TBM feminist SIL was very bothered by all of the apostles and their wives going to the dedication but none of the women general auxiliary leaders. That thought didn’t even cross my mind until she brought it up which goes to show how far I still have to go in my ...
by DoubtingTom
09 Mar 2019, 09:08
Forum: Book & Media Reviews
Topic: Vox LDS growth article
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Re: Vox LDS growth article

My opinion based on absolutely no social science experience or data to back me up, is that these days the trend of the younger generation towards becoming a “none” will continue to grow and expand. But the religions that will best fight this trend are the most fundamental religions where being a par...
by DoubtingTom
03 Mar 2019, 07:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: TR interview and porn
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Re: TR interview and porn

I completely agree that porn (and masturbation) are not part of chastity. Whether or not they are sins or should be avoided is a separate conversation. The chastity covenant as I recall it, says something like only having sexual relations with the person to whom you are legally and lawfully wedded. ...