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by SunbeltRed
22 Sep 2017, 08:27
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Topic: Won't let me baptize my son... I might be done
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Re: Won't let me baptize my son... I might be done

DT - I'm glad your SP allowed you to baptize/confirm your son. It's unfortunate the hoops that have to be jumped through to participate sometimes. Back in the beginning of the year, after multiple conversations with my Bishop, he wouldn't let me bless our new son. He did give me multiple opportuniti...
by SunbeltRed
08 Sep 2017, 10:08
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Topic: Am I on the Road to Apostasy?
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Re: Am I on the Road to Apostasy?

It's all relative I guess. Compared to me you sound like a true believer :smile:
by SunbeltRed
31 May 2017, 07:45
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Topic: Help me find meaning...
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Re: Help me find meaning...

Caveat: I no longer attend (I guess I'm now inactive) I have really found a lot to like in Noah Rasheta's approach (Secular Buddhism). I have friends who are in similar positions to you (still attend but are having to create their own meaning) who have also found a good approach and a way to forge s...
by SunbeltRed
27 Mar 2017, 06:24
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Topic: A scary awakening
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Re: A scary awakening

Welcome! You're story sounds similar to mine. Cerebral, didn't really have much of a connection to God and Jesus, and I distinctly remember the moment I asked myself "What if it's not true"? I don't post here much any longer but I found this space to be a lifeline in the early part of my faith trans...
by SunbeltRed
15 Mar 2017, 12:23
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Topic: I can't anymore. I'm done with God.
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Re: I can't anymore. I'm done with God.

I'm sorry Joni. I don't know that my comments regarding god would be welcome here,or this next comment but the mods can remove it if they like: please don't pay tithing on your unemployment checks. I don't know what church protocol is, nor do I care, but your family needs that money right now and if...
by SunbeltRed
13 Dec 2016, 09:29
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Topic: 30-minute rule... a sign of lowering income?
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Re: 30-minute rule... a sign of lowering income?

We have a similar situation where I live. Our city is one area where our Stake is growing the most, housing development is going gangbusters, and our large city is growing and expanding and with it increased employment opportunities. Yet, there are a few buildings on the outskirts that qualify to be...
by SunbeltRed
13 Dec 2016, 08:35
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Topic: Same-Sex Attraction + No Testimony = Faith Crisis
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Re: Same-Sex Attraction + No Testimony = Faith Crisis

Hi Syme - I don't visit or post in here often anymore, but your story struck a chord with me. When I was newly married I was in a spot where I needed some comfort about my place in the universe. I prayed, much like you, harder and more openly than I ever had...and silence. It scared me, seriously fr...
by SunbeltRed
30 Nov 2016, 08:53
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Topic: Light The World
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Re: Light The World

We had out HT's over on Sunday and they showed the video. I really liked it. Even though I have no belief in a divine Jesus, the message I though was really powerful: that regardless of our circumstance we can help others, brighten their day, help with their burdens. Good stuff. The part that annoys...
by SunbeltRed
30 Nov 2016, 08:46
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Topic: Tithing settlement policy changes?
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Re: Tithing settlement policy changes?

While I was on the HC I didn't sign up or go to tithing settlement. The first time I got a panicked voice mail from one of the members of the SP that I needed to complete tithing settlement because members of the HC have to be declared tithe payers. I called my Bishop and did it over the phone. It t...
by SunbeltRed
13 Oct 2016, 13:23
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Topic: Coming clean
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Re: Coming clean

Great advice here! A couple of observations from my own journey: 1) While processing I wanted to vent and purge and talk Mormonism all the time...all the time. As I have moved past that phase into a healthier and more peaceful co-existence with Mormonism I am glad I didn't post a coming out letter o...