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by BlueFalconX250
15 Jun 2014, 18:45
Forum: Spiritual Stuff
Topic: Agnosticism
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Re: Agnosticism

I have been moving between these points myself. And I really like drawing the distinction between the intellect and the spirit. One of my biggest problem with any group with which a person may associate (religion, politics, gender preference, or sexual orientation) is when that is ALL they are. Exam...
by BlueFalconX250
23 May 2014, 14:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Why do you want to stay, and why is that hard?
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Re: Why do you want to stay, and why is that hard?

I'm new here, but here's why I want to stay and why it's hard. I was born and raised in the church. I served a Mission in Brazil, got home, and went less-active for a few years until I went full inactive. Even growing up I always felt some disconnect between who the church told me I had to be and wh...