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by AgnesMarie
03 Aug 2014, 13:15
Forum: Support
Topic: Do you think I should ask to get released
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Re: Do you think I should ask to get released

Can I even do this? Like just ask the bishop to be released? Yes . You're a volunteer . You actually don't need to ask anything. When my two callings were both causing me grief and felt more bureaucratic than filled with any kind of Spirit, I sent a polite email to my bishop letting him know that I...
by AgnesMarie
14 Feb 2014, 10:17
Forum: Spiritual Stuff
Topic: Overview of Buddhism
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Re: Overview of Buddhism

A lot of stuff I don't agree with though - reincarnation, mantra chanting, making obeisance to statues/images etc. Just wanted to point out that there are many different varieties of Buddhism and not all involve the mystical stuff. You can be a Buddhist without believing in reincarnation, chanting,...
by AgnesMarie
14 Feb 2014, 10:11
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Topic: One reason why I am trying to stay
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Re: One reason why I am trying to stay

That's lovely to hear. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
by AgnesMarie
01 Feb 2014, 22:20
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Topic: Grandpa gets it
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Re: Grandpa gets it

I'd rather stay home and read a book than put myself in a position like that. .. I wonder how many inactives are introverts? Amen. It's easier to skip RS since when I show up, I make it on the radar and end up with calls, emails, and texts filled with opportunities I must have forgotten to sign up ...
by AgnesMarie
01 Feb 2014, 12:42
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Topic: My ward just venting
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Re: My ward just venting

There also is nothing stopping you and/or your husband from using the time that normally would be dedicated to HT and VT to visit nursing homes or members of the ward socially. If you aren't getting an assignment, create one on your own. That's brilliant. I would love to create one on my own instea...
by AgnesMarie
01 Feb 2014, 12:33
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Topic: Illegal or not?
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Re: Illegal or not?

I have discovered from all of your comments that I was wrong.I went and apologized to everyone on facebook that I offended.I now will go back into hiding and keep my feelings to myself where they belong anyway In my reading of this thread, I don't think anyone called you out as being "wrong." Peopl...