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by alltruth
15 Jan 2016, 10:31
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Topic: House of Israel and Gentiles
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House of Israel and Gentiles

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone has any good source material I could read about what the church teaches about the identity of the Gentiles and the House of Israel. I've made a first pass at it and found the information to be lacking and/or confusing.

by alltruth
07 Jan 2016, 16:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: First Presidency Photo
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Re: First Presidency Photo

I've had many such experiences. What's helped me is to remember that "revulsion" is not a feeling God wants us to feel towards people. Even if the FP is made up of the worst type of men ever to have lived in this sin sick world, God still loves them. When I feel that type of thing I just have to thi...
by alltruth
24 Mar 2015, 21:35
Forum: Support
Topic: I need help.
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Re: I need help.

Well, it looks like you've got tons of responses, so I'll try to be short. You said one thing that caught my eye: "The more I read the less I feel" I may be interpreting that differently than how you meant to say it, but I can relate. My answer? Stop reading for awhile. Not feeling is not good. Let ...
by alltruth
24 Mar 2015, 21:16
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Topic: Any TN Mormons here at StayLDS?
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Any TN Mormons here at StayLDS?

Hi, I hope this isn't an inappropriate use of the forum, but my wife and I are thinking of moving from CO to TN. I personally wanted to get an idea of what parts of the state might be good for a faithful wife and a "happy to be a part of the community" husband. If anyone out there has some thoughts,...
by alltruth
22 Nov 2014, 01:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What was happening on 19 Jul 2009, 18:01?
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Re: What was happening on 19 Jul 2009, 18:01?

Ah, Uncle Google; he's got a great memory, that one!
by alltruth
20 Nov 2014, 22:52
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Topic: Moderation and Me
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Re: Moderation and Me

As I read your post I found myself thinking "I bet this is how the leadership of the church feels, too." Leading any organization is challenging, and I thank you for your efforts here. I hope you can find a way to resolve the tension you feel about your dual roles here on the forum...
by alltruth
29 Jun 2014, 00:51
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Topic: Message from First Presidency
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Re: Message from First Presidency

The best thing about this statement for me? My beautiful wife read it (she's actually the one who told me about it) and said something to the effect of, "After reading this I don't think you're an apostate...". Hooray! :clap:
by alltruth
20 Feb 2013, 09:40
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Topic: How do you appreciate the myth
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Re: How do you appreciate the myth

I don't know why you have the avatar you do, Cadence, but if it's because you enjoy Star Trek, you may have more of an appreciation for mythology than you know. As for me, the myth in Mormonism is tremendously appealing. You have to admit, no matter what y...
by alltruth
16 Feb 2013, 23:19
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Topic: The Underlings...
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The Underlings...

I read this tonight, and it struck a chord... The “authorities” will object to your subversion of their life-work, but it is from their minor followers that the bitterest opposition will come. Those who exercise authority are not so shocked by rebellion as their underlings. They are doubly offended,...
by alltruth
15 Feb 2013, 13:11
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Topic: Choosing to come to earth
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Re: Choosing to come to earth

I just had an interesting experience regarding this on Monday. For FHE my wife taught about the pre-existence and kept saying things about how we chose our families before we came to Earth. She saw my reaction, and after FHE, asked me why I was so upset. I told her I didn't think it was doctrinal, s...