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by SilentDawning
20 Dec 2020, 12:22
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: Um...self-stimulation okay in marriage?
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Re: Um...self-stimulation okay in marriage?

There was a time when leaders were asking whether the members were "mouthing their wives" or equivalent statements to women. I have read posts and also listened to a recording of an ex-member where leaders asked this question. They eventually stopped asking those questions presumably due to member b...
by SilentDawning
05 Dec 2020, 19:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The Analogy of the Chinese Bamboo Tree in Action
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The Analogy of the Chinese Bamboo Tree in Action

One of the advantages of StayLDS is that so far, many of you are able to be with me and others through various phases of life. Such is the benefit of the ongoing commitment of the moderators to the longevity of this site. I want to share the analogy of the Chinese Bamboo Tree that Stephen R. Covey d...
by SilentDawning
05 Dec 2020, 19:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Life's Ups & Downs
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Re: Life's Ups & Downs

1. Write in a personal journal.
2. Experience the outdoors -- hiking, kayaking, canoeing, camping
3. Lexapro/Olanzapine/Fluoxetine/Zanax
4. Invite someone new to do an activity you enjoy

These are a few things that have helped me.
by SilentDawning
05 Dec 2020, 19:30
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Amatonormativity and Temple Marriage
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Re: Amatonormativity and Temple Marriage

As I've aged and I've experienced problems in my marriage, I see the wisdom in NOT holding the Amatonormative view. BTW, I do wish they would use a more pronounceable, descriptive term that people could use in full. I see it, from your explanation, as an invention of the LGBT community to describe r...
by SilentDawning
05 Dec 2020, 19:24
Forum: Spiritual Stuff
Topic: Does God answer every prayer?
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Re: Does God answer every prayer?

Minyan Man wrote:
30 Nov 2020, 20:36
SD, does the author go into any details how God answers every prayer? I'm just curious.
No, he doesn't -- he just says that he believes every prayer is answered.

I guess if you consider silence "No", then he does answer every prayer -- but that's a pretty low standard.
by SilentDawning
02 Nov 2020, 11:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Is StayLDS at its end of life?
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Re: Is StayLDS at its end of life?

I hope you don't shut this down. I would feel a gaping hole in my life if the site shut down. I think one reason there is less traffic is that church isn't as much of an issue any longer since meetings are not being held. You aren't forced to confront questionable beliefs or the culture or anything-...
by SilentDawning
02 Nov 2020, 10:11
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Why do you go?
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Re: Why do you go?

I have often thought the same thing. Frankly, I only go to make my wife happy and keep my marriage together. I rarely feel spiritually fed when I go, and of course, I'm not firing on all of the full-Mormon cylinders like TR-holding, garment wearing, and never saying "no" to a calling. I think the th...
by SilentDawning
19 Oct 2020, 05:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Parenting 5 years later
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Parenting 5 years later

As background, about 5 years ago, I think I posted about my tremendous loss of the relationship I had with my daughter. She clearly was rejecting me and the way I think. If I would initiate conversation it would often end with her being angry etcetera. This was a far cry from the strong relationship...
by SilentDawning
19 Oct 2020, 04:45
Forum: Book & Media Reviews
Topic: Studio C and JK Studios
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Studio C and JK Studios

I was wondering if anyone has watched Studio C -- the LDS equivalent of Saturday Night Live. Here is one of their comedy sketches that went viral. Apparently the original cast left Studio C and formed their own YouTube channel called JK Studios within the ...
by SilentDawning
19 Oct 2020, 04:32
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Do you apologize?
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Re: Do you apologize?

Nicey-nicey just doesn't cut it (cookies or not). As someone who has cut all sugar out of my diet, I'm almost to the point where I'd take the cookies over the apology :lol: Just kidding. Nicey Nicey is too ambiguous for me. It could mean the person isn't sorry at all for what they did, but want the...