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by swimordie
08 Oct 2010, 00:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Packer's Talk Edited
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Re: Packer's Talk Edited

I haven't posted in a while due to professional obligations but I came out of retirement for this one: Packers description of the family proclamation as a "revelation" in the context of doctrine is no longer in the text version of the talk.,5232,23-1-1298-23,...
by swimordie
15 Aug 2010, 23:15
Forum: Support
Topic: Reflections (Warning: It's long!)
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Re: Reflections (Warning: It's long!)

I agree with canadiangirl. Based on what you said, I think it's courageous that you want to be an active member of the church but I'm not sure it's the healthiest thing to do right now. My brother is a recovering sex/porn addict as well and based on what I know from him, the shame and guilt that you...
by swimordie
10 Aug 2010, 23:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Mormonism & Arrogance
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Re: Mormonism & Arrogance

I sense that alot of the arrogance surrounds the concept of "chosen people". The same issues you brought up are relevant to Jews. As an ethnic group, Jews tend to overachieve and skew per capita statistical categories. So, there must be something to the firmly held belief of being "chosen".
by swimordie
09 Aug 2010, 23:43
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Gay and Mormon
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Re: Gay and Mormon

Welcome, Kyle! This site is the best for working out so many issues of intellectual and spiritual import. It's a blast! And super-constructive. I would say, just keep participating, it will be worth it.
by swimordie
09 Aug 2010, 00:22
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: I would really like to say something!!!
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Re: I would really like to say something!!!

I feel there is so little left there for me at church but I go to be with my daughter and keep up appearances I guess. I don't want to be too blunt but... You may have answered your own question. If you're there to "keep up appearances" then you probably aren't going to be asking those tough questi...
by swimordie
09 Aug 2010, 00:10
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Topic: Me and my Blue Shirt
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Re: Me and my Blue Shirt

I love the thought process! You believed that you wore the blue shirt for you but really it was for "them". You realized this and now "believe" you wear the white shirt for them but really it's for you. Brilliant! And a great lesson in intent. We should always be aware of our intent. Therein lies th...
by swimordie
09 Aug 2010, 00:04
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Topic: A (Somewhat Trivial) Request for Advice and Help
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Re: A (Somewhat Trivial) Request for Advice and Help

Well, I've never passed up an opportunity to put in my two cents so... why start now? :oops: This one's really tough and I make up that it may be tough for you too, Ray, because on the surface it elicits a black/white construct. With my current "view", I feel that "iniquity" is simply a lesson being...
by swimordie
06 Aug 2010, 00:33
Forum: History and Doctrine Discussions
Topic: Prop 8 got me thinking....
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Re: Prop 8 got me thinking....

I think that the doctrinal hang-up is not the saving ordinances, per se. I think it has everything to do with the idea of pre-mortal gender and post-mortal gender. I know that Ray argues that we actually have no idea what the post-mortal life will look like and argues for a very gender-less communal...
by swimordie
05 Aug 2010, 01:01
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Topic: The Foundation of and Solution to Faith Crises: The Buffet
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Re: The Foundation of and Solution to Faith Crises: The Buffet

I was thinking about this exact thing today! Coincidence?? :roll: I think what makes the whole transition through stage 4 and the crisis of faith, is that there is such a chasm between someone RECOGNIZING that they are buffet and, maybe even more importantly, ACCEPTING that everyone's buffet journey...
by swimordie
31 Jul 2010, 22:18
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Topic: Spirituality is NOT Emotionalism
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Re: Spirituality is NOT Emotionalism

Old-Timer wrote:I just believe what we do trumps what we feel
Absolutely love this Ray!

Charity trumps Certainty....

I'm not sure you would agree but that's how I see it...