Gifts of the Spirit-Healing

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Gifts of the Spirit-Healing

Post by just me » 03 Aug 2009, 09:40

This is basically a spin off from the thread about women in the church.

I personally believe in the gifts of the Spirit and would like to cultivate them in my life. This thread is about the gift to heal. I'd love this thread to have information that can help us cultivate this gift in our lives.

I wrote a blog article about The Gift of Healing

I've tried to read all the scripturesabout healing. I also search for other readings on faith/energy healing but haven't found anything fantastic, yet.

It seems to me that healing comes from 1) Faith 2) Love 3) Mercy 4) Forgiveness

I have this strong desire to heal others, but wonder if the true healing must occur within them through these 4 principles. IOW, someone must be receptive to be healed. I wonder how I can help people on this path so they can heal.

What are your thoughts on the gift of healing and how we can access it?
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Re: Gifts of the Spirit-Healing

Post by HiJolly » 03 Aug 2009, 11:59

Joseph Smith taught (in Lectures on Faith) that faith is a gift. I think this example is excellent:
“Chapter 16: Marriage and Parenthood: Preparing Our Families for Eternal Life,” Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff, p. 161

From the Life of Wilford Woodruff

Wilford Woodruff and Phoebe Whittemore Carter were married on April 13, 1837, in Kirtland, Ohio. Throughout their life together, they endured many trials, thus growing in their devotion to each other, their children, and the kingdom of God. One such experience came in the winter of 1838, about five months before Wilford Woodruff’s call to the apostleship. As Brother Woodruff led a group of Saints on a journey to gather with other members of the Church, his wife became very ill. He later recounted:

“On the 23rd of November my wife, Phoebe, was attacked with a severe headache, which terminated in brain fever. She grew more and more distressed daily as we continued our journey. It was a terrible ordeal for a woman to travel in a wagon over rough roads, afflicted as she was. At the same time our child was also very sick.”

In the ensuing days, Sister Woodruff’s condition worsened, even though they had been able to pause on their journey and find places to rest. Brother Woodruff recalled: “December 3rd found my wife very low. I spent the day in taking care of her, and the following day I returned to Eaton [a nearby town] to get some things for her. She seemed to be gradually sinking, and in the evening her spirit apparently left her body, and she was dead.

“The sisters gathered around her body, weeping, while I stood looking at her in sorrow. The Spirit and power of God began to rest upon me until, for the first time during her sickness, faith filled my soul, although she lay before me as one dead.”

Strengthened in his faith, Wilford Woodruff gave his wife a priesthood blessing. “I laid my hands upon her,” he said, “and in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuked the power of death and the destroyer, and commanded the same to depart from her, and the spirit of life to enter her body.

“Her spirit returned to her body, and from that hour she was made whole; and we all felt to praise the name of God, and to trust in him and keep his commandments.

“While this operation was going on with me (as my wife related afterwards) her spirit left her body, and she saw her body lying upon the bed, and the sisters weeping. She looked at them and at me, and upon her babe, and, while gazing upon this scene, two personages came into the room. … One of these messengers informed her that she could have her choice: she might go to rest in the spirit world, or, on one condition she could have the privilege of returning to her tabernacle and continuing her labors upon the earth. The condition was, if she felt that she could stand by her husband, and with him pass through all the cares, trials, tribulations and afflictions of life which he would be called to pass through for the Gospel’s sake unto the end. When she looked at the situation of her husband and child she said: ‘Yes, I will do it!’

At the moment that decision was made the power of faith rested upon me, and when I administered unto her, her spirit entered her tabernacle. …

“On the morning of the 6th of Dec., the Spirit said to me: ‘Arise, and continue thy journey!’ and through the mercy of God my wife was enabled to arise and dress herself and walk to the wagon, and we went on our way rejoicing.”
“Leaves from My Journal,” Millennial Star, October 3, 1881, 638–39.

Note that the manual says "Strengthened in his faith, Wilford Woodruff gave his wife a priesthood blessing" -- IOW, it was the manual that said it was a 'priesthood' blessing, not Wilford himself. He did not use that word.

Also note, this was an NDE as surely as anything, on Phoebe's part. :-)

Sometimes, great works are simply done as the Spirit requires. I know you are looking at a different view, that of our own efforts driving the healing work. I believe this is possible, and have proved to my own satisfaction that our will can focus the power of God to do much good, or evil. God provides this power, or energy, or "light of Christ" as a resource, to be used as we will. I will probably post more on this later. It's not like I know everything, though. Just have learned the truth of it and left it be, mostly. Like learning to astrally project. Many things that I learn I do not pursue, once I have proved the concept. All things in their time.

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Re: Gifts of the Spirit-Healing

Post by Curt Sunshine » 03 Aug 2009, 15:38

Of the hundereds of blessings I have given in my life, the vast majority have spoken words of comfort and generic blessing; in a handful, I have been the voice of miraculous healing - in at least three cases to provide healing of things of which I was unaware.

I believe in healing; I just don't believe in it quite the same way as most members do. I think, generally speaking, someone needs to be willing to perform the mundane and merely comforting to experience the miraculous.
I see through my glass, darkly - as I play my saxophone in harmony with the other instruments in God's orchestra. (h/t Elder Joseph Wirthlin)

Even if people view many things differently, the core Gospel principles (LOVE; belief in the unseen but hoped; self-reflective change; symbolic cleansing; striving to recognize the will of the divine; never giving up) are universal.

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Re: Gifts of the Spirit-Healing

Post by jeriboy » 08 Aug 2009, 09:53

Just me said....I have this strong desire to heal others, but wonder if the true healing must occur within them through these 4 principles. IOW, someone must be receptive to be healed. I wonder how I can help people on this path so they can heal.

What are your thoughts on the gift of healing and how we can access it?

My brother uses his gifts for healing by using Gods gift of Herbs. Esiak is one of his favorites. I believe for some spiritual growth comes better if they keep a healthy body. But I also have reason to believe that some are spiritually blessed by the physical trials they must pass through.

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