Searching for Bobby Fisher in Mormon Context

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Searching for Bobby Fisher in Mormon Context

Post by SilentDawning » 10 Jan 2016, 13:34

Some of you may know the movie Searching for Bobby Fisher...the true story of a child chess prodigy and how he won a championship. The lesson I took away was that the prodigy became a blend of all the people who tried to train him -- the formal chessmaster (Ben Kingsley), this hack chess player in the park, his kind mother, his driven father, and his own character. In his championship game, they all watch as he competes against his final opponent, and its implied that all see something of what they taught in the boy, come to life in the game.

Today I had a similar experience. My daughter has been attending our home Ward. It's a very lack lustre ward with uncommitted youth...she still attends another Ward at the same day with some very strong, strong youth. She shared her observation that the youth in her Sunday School lesson today don't care. The teacher didn't show up, so she taught from her notes from a Ward conference in the other Ward she attended. The youth in our Ward did not care, were inattentive, and she felt they were in deficit mode...she came out with this solution to the problem.
I am going to bring all of my friends from [insert name of ward with all the great youth] to attend the youth meetings in my home ward one Sunday. That way, the youth in our Ward can see what a youth program should be"]
I sat there stunned. What a creative, managerial way of changing minds! She would bring her strong friends, let them participate and be themselves, and model for the other youth what a youth lesson should be like (in her mind). No lecturing, no preaching, just engineering a situation from which others might learn.

It was out of the box, and something I only learned how to do much later in life. I saw part of my own thought processes in it. First, she saw no boundaries between our Ward, the bootleg Ward she has attended the last two years with great youth in it. I am also more than willing to cross boundaries and bend social and cultural boundaries if it can help me achieve a good. Second, she tried to improve her own ward, toward a TBM goal, which TBM-ness is a result of all the church influence. She is a part of all that she has met, as the author of the poem Ulysses once said...
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