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Teaching Achievement Days

Posted: 12 Sep 2019, 05:51
by AmyJ
I consider myself at least a board member for the Achievement Days group in our small branch (6-8 girls) - if not an actual leader these days.

I chose to run some of the classes and usually attend to provide 2 deep leadership. I also go to support my daughter and set up situations where she has a chance to flourish and learn without ruining anything for the other girls who are more developed than she is.

I don't do fluff activities really - fluff (or arts and crafts) is not really my thing.

Over the summer I taught them braiding (yes slighly fluffy - but if you have long hair it is good to know how to braid it back so it looks professional), binary coding bracelets/necklaces (slightly fluffy, but an introduction to coding and some of the foundation concepts for programming), and now I am teaching them about talking to people/interviewing.

The girls (except my daughter who vetoed any participation in the evening) were intrigued when I pointed out that everything they were interested in doing in their lives required talking to people and interviewing/asking questions. They seemed engaged when I went over some basics (Who/What/When/Where/Why/How) and conversation starters (H.E.L.P. = Hobbies, Entertainment, Life-Long Plans, Plans). I had question cards ready for them to ask questions of each other (including 3 cards for creating their own questions). Next month, I have invited some branch members that the girls don't normally associate with to be interviewed by the girls:)

Re: Teaching Achievement Days

Posted: 12 Sep 2019, 07:35
by Roy
That is wonderful Amy. I had been surprised by the "fluffiness" of activity days. I had assumed it to be more project or skill development based. Perhaps that is because I saw it as the female counterpart to cub scouts. As my wife became activity days leader, I learned differently. I also came to appreciate the value of getting the girls together for fun, craft, and socialization. It is a mixed bag I suppose.

I love your idea about interviewing. I have been dreaming of having my 13yr old daughter to interview women leaders around our community. I even googled some questions. I am very pleased that DD has consented as long as I am there for support.

I commend you Amy. You are supporting your daughter and planting seeds in the next generation of young women. :clap:

Re: Teaching Achievement Days

Posted: 12 Sep 2019, 07:47
by felixfabulous
Sounds like you are teaching valuable life skills and build confidence. All the data shows that will help these girls in every aspect of their lives down the road. Great job!

Re: Teaching Achievement Days

Posted: 13 Sep 2019, 02:13
by Tica
That sounds amazing. Those girls are fortunate to have such a thoughtful board member :smile:

Good leaders make all the difference in that program.