This is a dumb question. I'm going to ask it anyway.

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Re: This is a dumb question. I'm going to ask it anyway.

Post by PazamaManX » 22 Aug 2019, 01:49

If I'm not mistaken, when my mom passed away I believe that funeral home took care of dressing her in her temple clothes. I remember hearing during the meeting with them that they said they were familiar enough with LDS beliefs that they could do it if no one from our family or the ward was able to come do it. I could have heard wrong though, it's hard to remember.
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Re: This is a dumb question. I'm going to ask it anyway.

Post by Katzpur » 08 Sep 2019, 16:47

Minyan Man wrote:
09 Aug 2019, 20:48
In the olden days, 1970 - 1985, when someone in the ward died, the Relief Society would go the Undertaker & dress the body
with the temple robes, etc. Does that still happen today? Just curious.
I don't think this happens much in Utah any more. There are so many LDS-owned funeral homes and LDS funeral directors working in non-LDS funeral homes that the dressing in temple robes is done by someone at the funeral home. It's probably still common in areas where there isn't a high population of LDS people.
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