missions and the 10000 hour theory

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missions and the 10000 hour theory

Post by asher » 21 Jul 2019, 22:06

Recently had a flood a missionaries coming home and during their talks a thought came that while I understand that the main objective of missionary work is to invite all to come unto Christ, what if the church decided that for some(not sure how you would decide who that some would be....revelation or allow YM/YW to submit preference) they would 100 % dedicate 18-24 months to becoming world class __________. I did some quick calculation and based on 24 month mission you would spend roughly 10000 hours in missionary service. give or take depending on how "put the shoulder to the wheel they were". How many world class musicians/artists/scientists/athletes/noble prize winners could the church produce? And the goodwill/publicity and moving the cause forward could this produce. Some high profile athletes forgo missions and go on to be great ambassadors for the church, and good for them for following their hearts.

Wishful thinking, but there is so much good to be had beside strict proselytizing and maybe even a more powerful tool for many. I know there is some controversy behind the 10000 hour theory but to dedicate that time/energy would be a great way to serve for those who don't necessarily fit the "mold".

Any other thoughts or exerperieces on non-traditional missions?

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Re: missions and the 10000 hour theory

Post by Gerald » 22 Jul 2019, 03:45

Interesting idea! They would spend two years mastering some kind of ability and then go off and be ambassadors for the Church in a variety of contexts. I'm not sure how many would choose proselyting over that kind of mission but it would certainly generate some publicity.
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Re: missions and the 10000 hour theory

Post by Roy » 22 Jul 2019, 11:44

Church missionary service is a program you can go through. Almost anyone can go without knowing what they want to be or what they want to do. It is a one size fits all (or perhaps one size fits all men ;) )
I am thinking of the 10000 hour program as more of an independant study. You would need to be self motivated and self directed. Are there supports? Mentors?
2 side notes: 1) the church has developed sort of volunteerism missions for individuals that cannot go on proslyting missions. This appears to be aimed at helping individuals that might be super passionate but unable to fulfill a traditional proselytizing mission to check off the missionary box on their life acheivement list. Kudos to the church for offering this as an option. 2) the LDS church has traditionally excelled at doing things in groups. Chiors, organized relief efforts, building cities in the desert wilderness. Our religion tends to promote group participation and collective efforts rather than individual talents and achievement. I believe that we are socialized to work and succeed in groups.
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Re: missions and the 10000 hour theory

Post by SilentDawning » 22 Jul 2019, 12:01

Interesting idea, but the anticipated results would have to exceed the results in new membership we currently gain from full-time missions.

I personally see your analysis as something for individuals to consider. Do I want to spend 10,000 hours pursuing an admittedly sales-oriented position in which I'm not interested, and am not good at, or would I rather spend 10,000 hours pursuing something I love and for which I have a natural aptitude?

Some will find they ARE good at sales, and like it, and think it would be great for personal development; others, no. I was in the middle on this. Can do sales, but don't like it, but also liked teaching and was pretty good at it, I was told.

Also, you never know what you might learn about yourself on a mission before you go, so there is that to consider.

But I like your analysis. I think it applies to your church service in general. Do I want to be a Bishop at 35 hours a week, or should I dedicate my time to my health, to pursuing my career goals? What is more important? What would I like to look back upon on my deathbed as my greatest achievements in this life? What will bring me the most joy?
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