A Spiritual Ponzi Scheme

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Re: A Spiritual Ponzi Scheme

Post by SamBee » 30 Mar 2019, 13:11

bridget_night wrote:
30 Mar 2019, 10:10
There was a time in my life that I felt like I had been doing all the right things in church, (paying tithing, going to the temple, fasting, reading scriptures, praying. etc) but none of the blessings seemed to be coming. In fact everything had gotten worse. My kids were in trouble and my husband did not get his raise, the car and washer broke down, and now he left the church. Where we all the blasted blessings they kept preaching about from the pulpit. Then I came across some anti-Mormon stuff from the Tanners that quoted out of church history and Journal of Discourses. For the first time I thought that my church might be false.

This 7th Day Adventist pastor handed me a little book called "The 5 Day Plan to Know God." As I was reading, it talked about how the Jews were waiting for their Messiah to come save them from all their trials. When he came and told them he came to save them from their sins, not their problems, they were ticked off. A light bulb went off in me and I realized I was like those early Jews; waiting for God to save me from all my problems. Suddenly I realized I had been living the gospel for the wrong reasons. I knew immediately that the only thing I should be concerned about is being saved from my sins and that is why Jesus died for me. A real paradigm change for me.
Thank you for this Bridget. There are blessings in Christianity, but they are not always the ones people think.

I remember Carl Jung was once asked if he cured any of his patients of their troubles, and he replied, "No, but I helped them cope better". Coping better is something the Gospel can give us. It can't stop our bosses underpaying us or your children misbehaving... But it can help us cope better, which means we cause others less suffering, and it can make us feel happier sometimes.
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