Holding Past Actions Against People and Organizations

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Re: Holding Past Actions Against People and Organizations

Post by SilentDawning » 29 Jan 2019, 17:10

dande48 wrote:
29 Jan 2019, 15:50
Back to the OP, should we not hold people accountable to the past actions of those to whom they claim succession (whether legitimate or not). In the example of Christianity, most Christians hold Moses to have been a prophet, and that the law of Moses was from God. Jesus felt he was a prophet. So while we don't follow the "law of Moses" anymore, Christians still believe in a God who once declared we should stone gays, or women who weren't virgins on their wedding night (as evidenced by the lack of hymen blood). Also, if an betrothed girl gets raped in town, she gets stoned, since she didn't scream for help. But if the girl wasn't betrothed, the guy only has to pay her father some money and marry her.

The Mosaic law is disgustingly barbaric. Jehovah, as described by the OT, is barbaric and not worthy of worship. As wrong as some past LDS leaders have been, Moses was immensely worse. Shouldn't those who hold Moses to be a prophet, answer for, or at least denounce such atrocities? Should we not raise an eyebrow at those who teach their children to love, respect, and revere Moses? Personally, I don't think Moses ever existed. But the doctrines he was purported to have taught, and the ideals he represents are reprehensible, whether he existed or not.
My attitude is that if we aren't in a long-term relationship with them, it should be easier to forgive them than if those same leaders and abusers were in a relationship with us today, and we had to interact regularly with them.

My attitude is that we should probably use the information to put boundaries around our lives as their divine connection is suspect if such divine leadership condoned such unfair practices. I do think we have every right to expect God to be fair and loving and kind. And that organizations that subscribe to, or claim a divine origin to display such characteristics themselves -- even when it hurts them in the pocket book, in the membership list, or other temporal ways. It's a higher standard than to which I would hold a corporation, or non-profit, but one that I think orgs with claims to divinity bring upon themselves.

As an ethics professor once told me, it's a mistake to hold yourself out as ethical as all it does it turn you into a target. And it my view, it raises expectations considerably about the organization's policies and habits. Organizations with a divine claim can't have all the benefits (unquestioning obedience, for example) and not have any accountability in my opinion.
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Re: Holding Past Actions Against People and Organizations

Post by SamBee » 31 Jan 2019, 02:54

dande48 wrote:
29 Jan 2019, 15:50

The Mosaic law is disgustingly barbaric. Jehovah, as described by the OT, is barbaric and not worthy of worship.
Believe it or not, there are also elements of Mosaic Law which were progressive at the time. An eye for an eye, sounds extreme to us now, but it was about de-escalating vendettas, that punishment should be equal to the crime. That if I steal a sheep off you, you're allowed to take a sheep off me, instead of taking a whole flock.

There are even some bits in it about animal welfare, treating slaves or servants fairly and preventing the escalation of debt (which the western world still doesn't do).

I think these elements get lost in the sexual stuff a bit.

Personally I consider the Old Testament a "mixed bag".
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