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Re: Rome Temple

Post by grobert93 » 22 Jan 2019, 19:42

SamBee wrote:
19 Jan 2019, 09:06
DarkJedi wrote:
19 Jan 2019, 05:15
SamBee wrote:
19 Jan 2019, 03:12

Why's Moroni become the symbol of our church? We don't like to put up crosses, because of idolatory, but non-members see his statue all over the place.
I agree with your point about Moroni, but I had never heard we don't do the cross because of idolatry.
I've heard this. Maybe it's a folk belief. I ignore it. I know members who wear crosses and have one or two myself. I have no issue with crosses whatsoever.

I know there are also some that think that we should focus on Christ's resurrection rather than just his death.

Probably differentiation from Catholics too.

(I don't have a particularly big problem with Moroni personally, but I do wonder how it looks like to non-members.)
Without doing any research, I recall hear a talk or being told of a talk from a prophet or apostle in the past 50 years who explained why our church buildings don't have crosses, and might have extended to temples. They mentioned the whole idea of avoiding focusing on his death and discouraged members from wearing cross necklaces. Lots of culture. I also thought I remembered a temple or two with crosses on it? Or just no Moroni. Something odd like that.

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Re: Rome Temple

Post by SamBee » 23 Jan 2019, 13:19

grobert93 wrote:
22 Jan 2019, 19:42
I also thought I remembered a temple or two with crosses on it? Or just no Moroni. Something odd like that.
I have seen photos of Nauvoo (or was it Kirtland?) which looked like they had a cross on top. Someone told me this was a weathervane though.

Moroni statues seem to be a Brighamite thing - AFAIK, all the temples that have these come out of Salt Lake. Don't know if FLDS ever had them.
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