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Re: Word of Wisdom: The next change

Post by SamBee » 14 Jan 2019, 02:53

dande48 wrote:
13 Jan 2019, 17:11
SamBee wrote:
13 Jan 2019, 15:53
We had one new convert really struggle with giving up tea too by the way. She started getting really bad headaches. Sometimes you have to reduce intake rather than just suddenly quitting when you are dependent on something.
I'd bet anything, that's the caffeine for ya! It's another thing that can be useful in small doses, specifically to treat certain medical conditions. But are people good at being "temperate" with it? Certainly not!
Well, FWIW there are other things in tea such as tannins which aren't that great for you.

I don't think it's even a matter of being temperate. I used to go to a night class where everyone got a single cup of tea at 8 pm. The result was that I couldn't fall to sleep until 4 or 5 in the morning. I had to eventually say, "thanks, but no thanks", because they automatically brought one over to everyone out of a cannister. Sleep deprivation is an element which torturers use to great effect - this might sound overdramatic but I've known people who suffer from insomnia and I always ask them if they drink tea/coffee/alcohol and the answer is 9/10 yes. This actually can lead to mental deterioration over time.

8 o' clock might be late, but I found similar effects in having one in the early afternoon (except I'd be awake until 2 am instead).

I found similar things with alcoholic drink. I tried drinking moderately (which is difficult to do in my culture), maybe one or two glasses of wine/beer etc, but I still experienced notable negative effects including black moods a few hours later.

The last straw was when my doctor told me to cut down tea/coffee/alcohol and I thought "where have I heard this before?" Becoming LDS again meant that I had to force myself to do this, but I really feel it is something I had to do.

Like I say, if I become inactive again, or even ex-LDS, the WoW is staying on the menu. Best life choice I've made by far (although there are several others I need to make - sugar reduction for one).
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